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Tears, beer, anger & ‘no ill will’: Kavanaugh testimony highlights

Judge Brett Kavanaugh denied all accusations he sexually assaulted a woman in high school, saying he bears no ill will to his accuser. His ire was reserved for Democrats, whom he accused of “search and destroy” tactics. Facing the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday afternoon, following a testimony from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh denied her allegations “categorically and unequivocally.” ...

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Cannabis beer on the horizon as Canadian company invests in world’s first marijuana brewery

A Toronto-based company has come up with a… cannabis-brewed beer. The drink is being prepared in anticipation of Canada’s legalization of marijuana this year. As Canada is set to become the second country in the world to legalize the class-B drug for recreational use, Province Brands has figured a unique way of bringing cannabis-based products to the consumer market. In ...

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Vagina beer, stag semen & space yeast: Outrageous ingredients used to market craft booze (POLL)

In the crowded craft beer market, you have to have a USP to stay ahead of the competition. But one Polish brewery may have gone too far, after offering beer brewed with bacteria from the vaginas of two female models. Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, the brewery, based in the southern Polish town of Katowice, The Order of Yoni ...

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Many hoppy returns: German beer producers running out of bottles as heatwave fuels demand

Increased beer production and a summer heatwave in Germany have created a bottle shortage problem for local producers, with some breweries even turning to social media to ask for help. The problem is especially acute for independent, regional, family-run breweries like Fiege in the western German city of Bochum. The brewery’s spokesperson told Deutsche Welle that Fiege normally bottles 100,000 ...

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Gator Run: Florida man chases away store customers with a baby alligator… just to buy beer (VIDEO)

Picking up some beer in Florida seemed like a boring task for one Jacksonville convenience store customer, who decided to spice up his shopping trip by chasing away other shoppers with a live gator. After entering the store from the parking lot with a pet alligator, Facebook user Robby Stratton who posted a video of himself asks “ya’ll aint out ...

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Europe facing beer shortage crisis with hot World Cup summer in full swing

A Europe-wide shortage of food-grade carbon dioxide (CO2) could put meat and fizzy-drink supplies under pressure – right in the middle of the World Cup and peak season for summer barbecues. Supply chains at major fizzy-drink manufacturers and poultry producers across the UK were disrupted by the gas shortage, while some retailers have had to ration beverage sales. British-based food ...

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‘All your friends have had her’: Brewer attacked over ‘sexist’ beer ads

A South African brewing company who promised “moist” and “gushing” beers has been forced to remove its drinks from the country’s shelves after receiving a torrent of online abuse over its “crass and sexist” marketing campaign. Vale Bru published adverts for their new range of beers to its Instagram last week but was met with a fierce backlash from punters ...

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Brew must be joking! 350 beer crates spill on German motorway (VIDEO)

Published time: 6 Jun, 2018 15:47 Motorists driving on the A10 highway outside Berlin on Tuesday could have witnessed a catastrophic beer spill, bigger than the average ones seen in Germany’s bars and beer halls. READ MORE: Beer buddies: Merkel sends Putin bottles of German booze, Russian leader reveals More than 350 crates smashed on the highway near Wustermark, west ...

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Beer buddies: Merkel sends Putin bottles of German booze, Russian leader reveals

Beer enthusiasts the world over appreciate German varieties, and the Russian president is no exception. Chancellor Angela Merkel even sends Vladimir Putin a few bottles of Saxony-brewed pilsner, the president has revealed. Read more “From time to time, Angela sends me a few bottles of Radeberger beer,” the Russian leader said in the documentary film ‘Putin,’ made by VGTRK channel, ...

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High-tech enabler? Robotic waiter will take your order & fetch beer from fridge (VIDEO)

The pain of rising from a comfortable couch to get a beer from the fridge is one we all know. Yet, as with a growing number of modern inconveniences, artificial intelligence may be coming to the rescue. READ MORE: Humanity is doomed now that robots can open doors (VIDEO) Footage posted online by Homer, a research group at Germany’s Institute ...

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