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McCain death tweet gets anti-imperialist Aussie journalist banned from Twitter

Australian anti-war journalist Caitlin Johnstone has been suspended from Twitter. Her latest tweet apparently blasted Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) as a warmonger and suggested that his death would make the world a better place. Johnstone, a self-described“bogan socialist” and critic of imperialism, had over 33,000 followers on Twitter when she got banned – apparently over a Thursday post criticizing McCain. ...

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Now even YouPorn has banned Alex Jones, but he’s still on Twitter

Streaming adult video site YouPorn, announced today that it has banned Alex Jones from its platform, following actions against the conspiracy-monger by tech companies including Apple, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify—but notably, not Twitter. Before you go “wtf,” there were indeed (non-porn) videos with Alex Jones in them on YouPorn (people often take advantage of relatively lax copyright policing on various ...

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'Twitter interfering in elections on Dems' side' – Republican candidate banned over Stalin gif

Austin Petersen, a Republican candidate in the Missouri Senate primaries who was banned from Twitter after posting one of the social network’s own images in an online debate, told RT that the site is a “threat to democracy.” “Twitter is directly interfering with the election in the state of Missouri at the behest of a Democratic Super PAC that is ...

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Islamic face veils banned in public buildings by Dutch parliament

The Upper House of the Dutch parliament has passed a law banning Islamic face veils and other face-covering garments in public places such as schools, hospitals and government buildings. Lawmakers cited security reasons when they introduced the legislation which outlaws all face-covering garb in public buildings but not on the street. Motorcycle helmets and ski-masks are included in the ban ...

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WikiLeaks hosts ICE officer database banned by GitHub, Medium & Twitter

The transparency organization WikiLeaks has published a database with public information about employees of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which was previously taken down by several other sites. The dataset was compiled by New York-based activist Sam Lavigne, who trawled the professional profile website LinkedIn to identify some 1,600 people working for ICE. The database included public information like ...

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‘Gender stereotypes’ & ‘sexual objectification’ banned from Stockholm billboards

Scantily-clad blondes on the streets of Stockholm will soon be a thing of the past after the city council voted to give the advertising regulator sweeping new powers to remove adverts it deems sexist or degrading. The law, which will be enforced from next month, was passed Monday after receiving near-unanimous backing from all parties other than the populist Swedish ...

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Russian Duma introduces hefty fines for promoting banned anonymity on internet

Russian lawmakers have passed a bill that introduces fines for search engines that give users prompts on using the so called anonymizers – computer programs that allow bypassing government restrictions to access banned web sites. The freshly passed bill, orders that ordinary citizens who contribute to situations in which search engines show users links to anonymizer pages should be fined ...

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Rally in support of banned internet messenger Telegram held in Moscow

Crowds have gathered in central Moscow to join a protest in support of Telegram messenger, which has recently been banned by Russian authorities. The rally was peaceful, according to police. Some 7,500 people joined the march and rally in support of the messaging app, which was held on Sakharov Avenue around 2:00pm local time, Moscow police said in a statement. ...

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Schoolchildren trick Russian officials into erecting monument to banned internet messenger Telegram

A group of children in a Russian village used a donation from a local legislator to erect a memorial to the banned Telegram messenger near the building that hosts the village administration. The monument is made of plywood, painted blue and looks like a paper plane, which is one of the emblems of the Telegram messenger. An inscription on a ...

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Twitter banned Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab from buying ads

The U.S. government isn’t the only one feeling skittish about Kaspersky Lab. On Friday, the Russian security firm’s founder Eugene Kaspersky confronted Twitter’s apparent ban on advertising from the company, a decision it quietly issued in January. No matter how this situation develops, we won’t be doing any more advertising on Twitter this year. The whole of the planned Twitter ...

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