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Polish central bank secretly funds Youtube videos attacking bitcoin – report

Poland’s central bank has admitted to paying for social media campaigns that attacked cryptocurrencies, according to a popular Polish business news website. The central bank of Poland (Narodowy Bank Polski) spent 91,000 zloty ($ 27,100) on the campaign with the money going to Google, Facebook and a Polish Youtube partner network called Gamellon, Money.pl reports. The business site published a ...

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Russian state bank to write off debts of plane crash victims

Sberbank has announced that the bank will cancel the debts of victims who died in the plane crash that occurred in the Moscow region on Sunday. Read more The Saratov Airlines An-148 was on its way to Orsk when it crashed a few minutes after taking off from Domodedovo Airport. All 65 passengers on board died, along with its six ...

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White House deny talks were held over West Bank annexation

The White House has denied it is helping Israel plan the annexation of the West Bank. The denial comes after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly suggested such talks had taken place. The move to ring fence lands in the West Bank – where the Palestinians hope to build an independent state – could potentially inflame the already fraught situation. ...

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Russia's top bank reports record capital inflow before US published ‘Kremlin List’

January saw an unusually high capital influx into Russia, according to Sberbank Private Banking. The money was transferred from European banks just before the US Treasury unveiled its blacklist of Russian billionaires. The amount of capital to Sberbank’s corporate and investment branch tripled over the same period during the previous year, according to the head of the department, Evgenya Tyurikova. ...

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Dubai’s Happiness Bank gifts employees with surprises

A Dubai company has created a Happiness Bank which awards employees with surprises. The ‘Happiness Bank’ is installed at the UAE’s Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) in Dubai where it has been a hit with staff. Employees collect points from their colleagues, who give them as a sign of appreciation for good behavior. These points can be redeemed through the bank, ...

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No panic! Russians douse open flame aboard plane after power bank catches fire

After a safe landing in Volgograd, Russia, passengers on a plane experienced some chilling moments as smoke filled the cabin. A mobile device, believed to be a portable phone charger, apparently caught fire. The incident took place on Wednesday when A320 plane from Moscow landed touched down in Volgograd International Airport, southwestern Russia. [embedded content] The crew evacuated the aircraft ...

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Cryptocurrency investors could lose everything, warns Deutsche Bank

Bitcoin investors should remember issues like high volatility, possible price manipulation and data loss or data theft, according to Markus Mueller, global head of the Chief Investment Office at Deutsche Asset Management. Read more In an interview with Bloomberg, he said that Deutsche Bank does not advise investing in cryptocurrencies at present. “We do not recommend that. It’s only for ...

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White-collar criminals laughing all the way to the bank as government chases welfare cheats

With fewer than ten prosecutions for insider trading in the past five years, new data has revealed that white-collar criminals are slipping through the cracks. Meanwhile, 10,000 welfare cheats were prosecuted in a year. A freedom of information request to the chief City watchdog revealed just how little was done to stop white collar criminals in their tracks. In the ...

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Farm magnate Grudinin closes all foreign bank accounts ahead of Russia’s presidential election

Farm businessman Pavel Grudinin, running as the Communist Party’s candidate for the March 18 presidential election, has closed all his foreign accounts, Russia’s Central Election Commission has said. Boris Ebzeev, from the Central Election Commission, said on Friday that five accounts belonging to Grudinin and based in a Vienna bank had been shut down. Read more Additionally, a notice signed ...

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Goldman of crypto: Billionaire bitcoin buff to launch first cryptocurrency ‘merchant bank’

Billionaire Michael Novogratz has unveiled plans to launch a full-service merchant bank dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based ventures, with the aim of getting listed on Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange. Read more The Wall Street trader is planning to raise $ 200 million if the initial public offering (IPO) of his company is successful. The firm, named Galaxy Digital, is building ...

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