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Peace overture? No ballistic missiles seen in North Korea’s 70th anniversary parade (PHOTOS)

Foreign observers are surprised that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un opted not to feature intercontinental ballistic missiles in a grandiose military parade, in stark contrast to similar events that the nation held in the past. No ICMBs were showcased in Pyongyang as the country celebrated its 70th anniversary on Sunday. The parade held in Kim Il-Sung Square focused more on ...

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‘Non-negotiable’: Iran unveils next-gen homegrown ballistic missile

Amid renewed tensions with the US, Iran has unveiled the next generation of its homegrown ‘Fateh’ short-range ballistic missile on Monday, claiming that it’s capable of evading radars and hitting targets with pinpoint accuracy. The new missile, whose name means ‘Conqueror,’ boasts a range of between 300 and 500 kilometers. Brigadier General Amir Hatami, Iran’s defense minister, described it as ...

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US seeks to install $1bn radar in Hawaii to detect ballistic missiles

The Pentagon wants to spend $ 1 billion to install missile defense radar in Hawaii to track ballistic threats coming from North Korea or elsewhere, according to officials. The flat-face surface radar would “counter evolving missile threats in the Pacific Region”, the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) says. Although the timing of the radar’s construction seems curious given current efforts at ...

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Ballistic missile launched by Houthi rebels intercepted over Riyadh – Saudi media (VIDEO)

Loud explosions rocked the sky above Riyadh on Sunday evening. The blasts occurred during the interception of a “ballistic missile” launched by Houthi fighters from the neighboring war-torn Yemen, the Saudi media says. Videos started surfacing online, purportedly showing the reported explosions. Saudi-based Al-Ikhbariya TV later stated that air-defense troops intercepted a “ballistic missile” launched by the Houthi rebels from Yemen. ...

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WATCH Russia’s Iskander mobile launcher firing ballistic missile (VIDEO)

The Russian military has released footage showing an Iskander tactical missile being fired from a mobile launcher at an undisclosed location in Russia’s Far East. A convoy of mobile Iskander launchers and replenishment vehicles is seen in the footage on its way to a launch site hidden somewhere in the woods. Moments later, the video, released by the Russian Defense ...

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Watch Russian nuclear sub fire barrage of 4 ballistic missiles in stunning HD (VIDEO)

The Russian Defense Ministry has released footage of a Borei-class submarine firing a barrage of four Bulava missiles – the first such test for this type of submarine. The test was conducted on Tuesday in the White Sea. The video published on Wednesday shows some pre-launch activities on board the Yuriy Dolgorukiy, the lead of the project. Then the submarine ...

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USAF test-fires nuclear-capable Minuteman III ballistic missile (VIDEO)

The US Air Force has test-fired its Minuteman III ballistic missile with the goal of verifying its “readiness and effectiveness.” Developed during the Cold War, the missile is capable of carrying three nuclear warheads. The missile was launched on May 14 from an underground silo at Minot Air Force base in North Dakota by the 91st Missile Wing, Major Anastasia ...

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Brides, babushkas and ballistic missiles: Russia’s uniquely Russian election day (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

With more than 97,000 polling stations nationwide and abroad, Russia’s election day was destined for some unpredictable ballot-casting. From dancing chickens to dressed-up newlyweds, here are some of today’s unique Russian voters. Family of 30 gets bussed to the polls A family in the Volgograd Region had to be bussed to their local polling station. The Potapovs – 30 in ...

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Lawmakers dismiss NATO calls to disclose location of Russia’s newest ballistic missiles

Senior Russian politicians say the country’s military must not and will not inform NATO about the exact location of ballistic missiles moved to western borders in reply to external threats. “We support the continuation of dialogue, but deployment of certain weapons types on our own territory for defense and security purposes is Russia’s sovereign right. We don’t have to report ...

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Tension relief? Hawaiians rush to Pornhub minutes after false ballistic missile alarm

Thousands of Hawaiians eased their anxieties by watching porn just moments after a ballistic missile alert last Saturday turned out to be a false alarm, Pornhub traffic data has revealed. Most Hawaiians predictably abandoned their porn to save their lives from an imminent ballistic threat, Pornhub, the largest pornographic video sharing website, revealed Wednesday. Within fifteen minutes after the Islanders ...

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