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Lawmakers dismiss NATO calls to disclose location of Russia’s newest ballistic missiles

Senior Russian politicians say the country’s military must not and will not inform NATO about the exact location of ballistic missiles moved to western borders in reply to external threats. “We support the continuation of dialogue, but deployment of certain weapons types on our own territory for defense and security purposes is Russia’s sovereign right. We don’t have to report ...

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Tension relief? Hawaiians rush to Pornhub minutes after false ballistic missile alarm

Thousands of Hawaiians eased their anxieties by watching porn just moments after a ballistic missile alert last Saturday turned out to be a false alarm, Pornhub traffic data has revealed. Most Hawaiians predictably abandoned their porn to save their lives from an imminent ballistic threat, Pornhub, the largest pornographic video sharing website, revealed Wednesday. Within fifteen minutes after the Islanders ...

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‘This is not a drill’: Hawaii gets ballistic missile alert ‘by mistake’

Published time: 13 Jan, 2018 18:49 Edited time: 13 Jan, 2018 18:58 A text warning of an imminent incoming ballistic missile, which urged residents to “seek immediate shelter” was “accidentally” issued by Hawaii Civil Defense, briefly stirring panic and confusion on social media. DETAILS TO FOLLOW HAWAII – THIS IS A FALSE ALARM. THERE IS NO INCOMING MISSILE TO HAWAII. ...

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American provocateur: Why North Korea is going ballistic over missiles

With each passing year, North Koreans marks the change of seasons unlike any other people in the world, watching the US and South Korea open massive military games. With Trump, the saber rattling has increased exponentially. There are few things more unnerving than watching two state leaders, with a nuclear arsenal at their disposal, lobbing verbal grenades at each other, ...

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North Korea fires ballistic missile – report

Published time: 28 Nov, 2017 18:37 Edited time: 28 Nov, 2017 18:57 North Korea has fired a ballistic missile, according to South Korean news agency and a US government source. “North Korea launched an unidentified ballistic missile eastward from the vicinity of Pyongsong, South Pyongan Province, at dawn today,” the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, as cited by Yonhap news ...

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Saudi Arabia says it intercepts ballistic missile northeast of Riyadh

Published time: 4 Nov, 2017 18:19 Edited time: 4 Nov, 2017 19:48 A ballistic missile launched from Yemen was intercepted northeast of Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, according to state media. There have also been reports of a loud explosion heard at the capital’s airport. The Saudi air force shot down the alleged weapon on Saturday, Al Arabiya reports, adding that ...

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Russia launches 4 ballistic missiles amid strategic troops drills (VIDEO)

Published time: 26 Oct, 2017 19:22 Russia’s armed forces have launched four ballistic missiles, including submarine based projectiles, during military exercises which also involved long-range bombers, the Russian Defense Ministry has said. The launches were conducted as part of large-scale war games involving Russia’s strategic forces, a statement from the ministry said Thursday. One of Russia’s most sophisticated weapons, a ...

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SEE IT: N. Korea fires second intercontinental ballistic missile

North Korea test-fired its second intercontinental ballistic missile Friday from Mupyong-ni. It flew longer and higher than the first missile, launched July 4, leading analysts to believe North Korean missiles could travel as far as Los Angeles, Denver and Chicago. Analysts estimated that the first missile could only have reached Alaska.  Japan’s chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga said the missile, ...

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Putin unleashes terrifying nuclear submarine with power to blast 20 ballistic missiles

The country’s fearful military toy was flaunted as part of its Russian Navy Day celebrations today.  The Dmitriy Donskoy (TK-208) nuclear ballistic missile submarine arrived at St Petersburg today to take part in the ship parade.  Shocking photographs showed the huge sub shrouded in mist as dozens of crew members were dwarfed by the sheer size of Russia‘s vessel.  The ...

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North Korea ‘planning another ballistic missile launch’ amid rising tensions with the US

Satellite images from Kim Jong-un’s missile test site have indicated activity in the area sparking fear that launch may be imminent. The US has been watching the secretive state after it successfully launched an ICBM capable of reaching America’s mainland on July 4. After the launch Kim Jong-un boasted that his nation could destroy the US. The dictator’s mouthpiece Rodong ...

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