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Trump wants regime change in Berlin, Germany must hit back on US soil – ex-FM Gabriel

Donald Trump, who “only understands strength,” wants regime change in Germany, ex-Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said, calling for tit-for-tat actions on US soil, such as influencing elites and investing in young Americans. Germany should become more assertive in dealing with the US and show strength, as there is only one language US President Donald Trump understands – the language of ...

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Apple’s MacBook Pro refresh puts the focus back on creative pros

New MacBook Pros seemed like a no-brainer for WWDC. Like the rest of the company’s hardware line, however, they were a no-show. Sure, Apple used the opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to creative professionals — perhaps most notably in the form of some key macOS updates — but there were no new devices available to take advantage of those new ...

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‘Homeless n*ggers, go back to Africa’: Tampa man sparks outrage with racist billboards (PHOTO)

A controversial black political activist has sparked outrage in Tampa, Florida by standing on a busy downtown street displaying a sign instructing “homeless n*ggers” to go “back to Africa”. The sign was spotted by a Tampa resident and posted on Twitter where it quickly racked up thousands of retweets and responses. But, it turns out that the man in question ...

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Turkey to hit back if US introduces sanctions over S-400 deal with Russia – FM

Ankara will fire back if the US imposes sanctions over the purchase of S-400 air defense systems from Russia, Turkey’s Foreign Minister reiterated, adding he hopes Washington is wise enough not to spoil ties with its NATO ally. Moscow and Ankara inked a $ 2.5-billion deal on the procurement of Russia’s S-400 Triumph (NATO reporting name SA-21 Growler) in December ...

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‘Go back to your country’: Woman’s racist bus rant filmed in NY (VIDEOS)

A woman’s unhinged racist rant on a New York bus has gone viral after footage emerged of her repeatedly telling her fellow passengers to “get the f**** out of my country.” Footage has emerged online of how a Rockland County commuter launched into a racist diatribe while travelling on Route number 235. The incident happened on Saturday at 5pm and ...

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Trump admin to roll back Obama-era policies on race in college admissions, student debt

The White House is expected to reverse Obama-era policies that encouraged race considerations in college admissions, after Harvard was accused of discriminating against people of Asian decent. At the same time it emerged that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is preparing roll back a number of Obama-era education regulations, including protections for students in debt to for-profit schools, and rules that ...

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Waste of cash & state propaganda: French slam Macron’s plan to bring back mandatory military service

The French aren’t embracing President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to reinstate national military service by the start of next year. Many have called the proposal a useless waste of money and even something that stinks of propaganda. Macron has attempted to justify the proposal, saying that national service would promote patriotism and “social cohesion” among France’s youth. The plan, which has ...

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UK & allies used ‘bribery & blackmail’ to force other states to back OPCW proposal – Moscow

The UK and its western allies have resorted to downright intimidation and bribery to make other OPCW member states support the idea of giving the chemical watchdog the right to assign guilt, the Russian Foreign Ministry charged. “London together with other countries … managed to push their scandalous project … by political manipulations as well as by downright bribery and ...

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‘Right back at ya’: Iran’s Zarif trolls Pompeo by rewriting his statement to reflect US failings

The Iranian foreign minister has turned a recent US statement, about a protest in Iran, back against his American counterpart – by exposing how the same comments can easily be applied to the situation in the US. The original statement by Mike Pompeo, issued on Wednesday, had accused Tehran of “squandering its citizens’ resources… in adventurism in Syria, its support ...

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‘No problem’: Tsipras cool with Germany sending migrants back to Greece to ‘share the burden’

Athens “doesn’t care” if some migrants return from Germany to Greece as part of a possible deal with Berlin, PM Alexis Tsipras said. His words are in sharp contrast with the mood on Greek islands overwhelmed by the migrant influx. “We don’t care about the fact that maybe we’ll have some returns from Germany if this will help, in order ...

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