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Russian stocks claw back losses after Monday rout

Moscow-traded stocks and the Russian ruble rebounded on Tuesday after suffering their worst session in four years as a result of the US sanctions list expansion against Russian businessmen and companies. The ruble-traded MICEX Index clawed back some ground, gaining 1.5 percent as of 13:18 Moscow time. The dollar-denominated RTS was down 1.5 percent. On Monday, it had dropped to ...

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Far Reich: Terrorist cell aiming to bring back German Empire raided by cops

German police have raided properties belonging to eight people suspected of being members of a new far-right terrorist group, the so-called ‘Reichsburger scene,’ which is seeking to restore the German Empire. Searches were carried out in three German states after police found evidence that the alleged members of the group held a meeting in the summer of 2017. Reichsburgers, which ...

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'Takes two to tango': China & US expect each other to back down in trade dispute

Beijing remains hopeful that a full-scale trade war with Washington can be avoided, but has placed the ball in the US court, hoping for fair negotiations, China’s US ambassador noted, following talks with a top US diplomat. “Negotiation would still be our preference, but it takes two to tango. We will see what the US will do,” Cui Tiankai said ...

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Global markets plunge as China strikes back in escalating trade conflict with US

Stocks are down across Europe and in pre-market trading on Wall Street after China announced retaliatory tariffs on American imports. Before the opening bell, the S&P is down 1.7 percent, with the Dow and the Nasdaq over 2 percent lower. A loss of each percent in American indices means losing billions of dollars in value for corporations. Read more Even ...

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Indian government holds back on ‘fake news’ crackdown

The Indian government has withdrawn the announcement of new rules which would strip journalists who disseminate “fake news” of their accreditation, after critics called the proposed law an attack on press freedom. “The prime minister has directed that the press statement regarding fake news be withdrawn and the matter be addressed in the Press Council of India,” a senior official ...

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Breaking the sound barrier: How air travel’s supersonic ambition is coming back

Fifteen years after supersonic passenger jet Concorde was grounded for the final time the race to break the sound barrier is gaining renewed momentum. As NASA reveals plans for testing its X-plane, a quiet supersonic aircraft, and commercial airliners aim for a revival of super-fast passenger jet travel, RT looks back at the rise, fall and return of supersonic transport. ...

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‘Extremely glib & not aligned with the truth’: Zuckerberg hits back at criticism from Apple’s Cook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has defended his company’s business model after facing stiff criticism by Apple CEO Tim Cook over the mishandling and monetization of user data amid the ongoing Cambridge Analytica scandal. At the height of the Cambridge Analytica data mining scandal involving harvested data of 50 million Facebook users without their explicit knowledge or consent, the Chief Executive ...

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Zuckerberg fires back at Tim Cook, opens up about fake news

Zuckerberg has been on a bit of a publicity tour following the Cambridge Analytica scandal and a generally tough year for the social media behemoth. This morning, an interview with Zuck was published on Vox’s The Ezra Klein Show. In it, the Facebook CEO waded through some of the company’s most pressing issues, including how to deal with fake news ...

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China wants to bring Alibaba and its other tech giants back home

Big Chinese foreign-listed technology companies could soon see their shares bought and sold at home as authorities seek to lure them back to native shores. The State Council has unveiled the pilot program, which is called Chinese depositary receipts (CDRs) and would apply to companies that went public overseas and have a market value of more than 200 billion yuan ...

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Trump walking back on US pledge to invest $200mn in Syria recovery – report

US President Donald Trump has reportedly pulled over $ 200 million in funds earmarked for Syria. It comes after he hinted that the US would no longer bother itself with Syrian problems upon achieving its military goals there. Over $ 200 million in US assistance for the war-ravaged country, promised by former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in February, may ...

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