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Alaska man brings back floating strip club as form of protest

The floating strip club is back — and the owner believes it’s a “winning” maneuver. An Alaska man is reviving the jiggle joint he operated on his converted crab boat before he was convicted on waste disposal charges two years ago. Darren Byler is hoping to send a message to federal authorities with his summer-long “First Amendment Freedom of Assembly” ...

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Miss USA Kara McCullough Tries to Walk Back Healthcare Answer (VIDEO)

Miss USATries to Soften Healthcare Stance… TRIES. 5/16/2017 3:07 PM PDT EXCLUSIVE Miss USA Kara McCullough says she’s not backing down from her controversial statement about affordable healthcare being a privilege — but sounds like she’s doing her best to soften it. We talked to Kara on Tuesday and she expanded on her Sunday night answer, saying healthcare should also be ...

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'It's destroying our country!' Eastern European nations turn back on EU's Single Market

Countries such as Bulgaria and Poland are claiming big western European landowners and supermarkets are pricing out their own farmers and shopkeepers. And many of the worst-hit states have rolled out a series of complex new laws to protect their farms and ensure their agricultural industry can survive and thrive. The new rules have sparked fears the former Communist countries ...

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Ex-FBI director James Comey to STRIKE BACK at Trump with plans for public Senate testimony

Mr Comey was dramatically fired last week, before being vilified and threatened by the Trump administration, following accusations that he attempted to disrupt the ongoing investigation into apparent Russian meddling during the US presidential election. It followed suggestions that there may have been collusion between some Trump campaign officials and the Russians. In the days before his dismissal, reports suggested ...

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Melissa McCarthy Brings Sean Spicer Back to SNL to Make Out with President Trump (VIDEO)

Melissa McCarthy‘Sean Spicer’ Makes Out with Trump 5/14/2017 6:41 AM PDT [embedded content] Sean Spicer came back in a big way on ‘Saturday Night Live‘ — taking the podium to explain why Trump fired James Comey … and to lock lips with his boss. Melissa McCarthy returned for her 5th SNL hosting gig, and ripped off one of her funniest Spicer skits ...

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Derek Jeter: The back pages

[unable to retrieve full-text content] As Derek Jeter passes Lou Gehrig as the Yankees all-time hit king, the News looks back at some of the most memorable back pages featuring the Yankees captain. Sports Rss

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N.J. pols back Amtrak by ignoring calls to privatize Penn Station

New Jersey lawmakers on Friday rejected calls to privatize Penn Station as Amtrak fends off complaints about its mismanagement of the transit hub. The group of lawmakers, fresh off a train ride with a top Amtrak official to check out the state of Penn Station’s infrastructure, dismissed an idea from Gov. Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to hand ...

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SHOCK POLL: Almost a quarter of voters to back Front National in parliamentary elections

Centrist Emmanuel Macron, France’s president-elect, was elected by popular vote to be the country’s leader but his prime minister, who he is yet to name, must be supported by a majority in parliament in order to govern. If the Front National wins the most seats in the parliamentary elections, which will be held on June 11 and June 18, M ...

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