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Taking candy from a baby: Russian lawmaker wants to ban children from buying sweets

A Russian lawmaker has proposed fighting child obesity with radical measures – banning the sale of candy to children under 14 and marking foods which have a high sugar content with graphic warnings, similar to cigarettes. “Children know no measure in their love of sweet foods: when they have pocket money they often spend all of it at once, and ...

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Woman carrying baby leads Texas police on high-speed highway chase (VIDEO)

Newly-released video shows a Texas woman leading police on a 100-mph chase and crashing her car, before attempting to flee on foot and hijack another vehicle, all while carrying a baby in a portable car seat. In the video, shot in June but released recently by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the 29-year-old driver flees from police at high ...

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Wrong way in: Shocked doctor discovers couple desperate for baby didn’t know how to have sex

A Chinese couple struggling to conceive made an eye-opening discovery when a doctor told them they’d been having sex the wrong way. The medic found that the wife was still a virgin despite four years of bedroom ordeal. “The couple were very young, the man 26 and the woman 24. They were very healthy, but, despite being married for four ...

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Michigan cops taser man holding 2-month-old baby (VIDEO)

A local police department in Michigan is under scrutiny for tasering a suspect who was holding a two-month-old baby. While the child was left unharmed, social media users criticized the department’s use of excessive force. Responding to a report about a possible physical assault of a woman, the Westland Police Department rushed to Raymurez Brown’s residence on Friday night. When ...

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‘Baby driver’: Stunned passenger confronts teen-looking busman behind the wheel (VIDEO)

A fresh-faced bus driver was forced to show his driving license to the media to prove that he really was an adult after reports emerged that a school boy was driving passengers in Russia’s southern city of Rostov. Shakhboz Koziev, who drives bus the No 96 in Rostov-on-Don, made headlines earlier this week after one of his passengers uploaded a ...

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Gator Run: Florida man chases away store customers with a baby alligator… just to buy beer (VIDEO)

Picking up some beer in Florida seemed like a boring task for one Jacksonville convenience store customer, who decided to spice up his shopping trip by chasing away other shoppers with a live gator. After entering the store from the parking lot with a pet alligator, Facebook user Robby Stratton who posted a video of himself asks “ya’ll aint out ...

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California father ‘swings baby like a baseball bat’ in fight with girlfriend (VIDEO)

A man in California is facing child abuse charges for using his 18-month-old son as a weapon to fend off his girlfriend during a skirmish. In the CCTV clip, the man is seen swinging the child around and dropping him on the ground. A domestic brawl at Riverwalk Montecito Estates has led the District Attorney office to file charges against ...

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Hundreds of baby chicks hatch from thrown-away eggs in Georgia (VIDEO)

Hundreds of eggs, abandoned at a dump site in Georgia, have hatched to free a swarm of newborn chicks. The emergence of the little tweeting babies has been filmed by locals, some of whom took the birds home. The eggs were reportedly thrown away by a local poultry farm in the small city of Marneuli, southern Georgia. The eggs were ...

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Achtung baby: Trump wants German cars out of America

German carmakers may be pushed out of the United States as President Donald Trump wants to stop them from cruising America’s highways, according to German magazine Wirtschaftswoche. It cited several unnamed European and US diplomats claiming that Trump told his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron in April he would stick to his trade policy for long enough until no Mercedes-Benz models ...

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Another day, another vendetta: Trump-haters use prison ‘baby bus’ photo to attack president

Just a day after the anti-Trump brigade admitted that a photo of caged migrant children they used to attack the president was actually taken under the Obama administration, there’s a new scandal doing the rounds – the baby bus. ABC Houston journalist Antonio Arellano tweeted a photo on Sunday of a prison transport bus with a difference: every seat was ...

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