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California father ‘swings baby like a baseball bat’ in fight with girlfriend (VIDEO)

A man in California is facing child abuse charges for using his 18-month-old son as a weapon to fend off his girlfriend during a skirmish. In the CCTV clip, the man is seen swinging the child around and dropping him on the ground. A domestic brawl at Riverwalk Montecito Estates has led the District Attorney office to file charges against ...

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Hundreds of baby chicks hatch from thrown-away eggs in Georgia (VIDEO)

Hundreds of eggs, abandoned at a dump site in Georgia, have hatched to free a swarm of newborn chicks. The emergence of the little tweeting babies has been filmed by locals, some of whom took the birds home. The eggs were reportedly thrown away by a local poultry farm in the small city of Marneuli, southern Georgia. The eggs were ...

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Achtung baby: Trump wants German cars out of America

German carmakers may be pushed out of the United States as President Donald Trump wants to stop them from cruising America’s highways, according to German magazine Wirtschaftswoche. It cited several unnamed European and US diplomats claiming that Trump told his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron in April he would stick to his trade policy for long enough until no Mercedes-Benz models ...

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Another day, another vendetta: Trump-haters use prison ‘baby bus’ photo to attack president

Just a day after the anti-Trump brigade admitted that a photo of caged migrant children they used to attack the president was actually taken under the Obama administration, there’s a new scandal doing the rounds – the baby bus. ABC Houston journalist Antonio Arellano tweeted a photo on Sunday of a prison transport bus with a difference: every seat was ...

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Parents outraged after ‘revenge sex’ and ‘baby daddy’ issues appear on school assignment

A sexually explicit question that appeared on a practice paper handed out to Florida high school students has caused outrage for its reference to revenge sex and use of the phrase ‘baby daddy.’ The bizarre innuendo was included in a question about blood types. “Ursula was devastated when her boyfriend broke up with her after having sex. To get revenge, ...

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In historic first, Senator brings newborn baby into hallowed chamber, inspires vote

Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-Illinois) made history on Thursday when she became the first member to bring her newborn baby onto the floor of the US Senate. Duckworth is the first sitting senator to give birth in office. The Illinois lawmaker tweeted a picture of baby Maile’s outfit ahead of the pair’s arrival at Capitol Hill. Duckworth was there to vote ...

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Russian nurse faces probe after footage of alleged cruel treatment of baby leaks on internet (VIDEO)

Russian investigators have started a criminal investigation into the alleged cruel treatment of an abandoned baby in a Novosibirsk hospital, after a chilling video was leaked on the internet, causing outrage among viewers. The video that triggered the probe was posted over the weekend on Russia’s most popular social network Vkontakte, and it soon was reposted on other social networks, ...

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‘Wait your turn if you want a baby’: Japan’s ‘maternity timetables’ under microscope

The story of a Japanese childcare worker reprimanded by her employer for getting pregnant before her ‘turn,’ has placed a spotlight on the massive problem of so-called maternity timetables within companies. The case, which first came to light after the unidentified woman’s husband wrote a letter to Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun, is part of a common practice where some firms ...

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‘Non-existent’ baby denied medical care in Italy over bureaucratic hiccup – report

An Italian-born baby boy has been left without medical assistance and does not exist according to state records, all because he shares the same first name as his twin brother. A Pakistani family who have been living in Italy for 10 years with a legitimate residence permit couldn’t imagine that giving their twins the same name would make them “prisoners ...

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Expectant mothers can now get a 3D model of their unborn baby (VIDEO)

Expectant parents can now print models of their unborn children using ultrasound photos. The models can be 3D-printed in plastic and even in precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum. The service offered by Russian company Embryo 3D uses the ultrasounds to precisely 3D-print incredibly detailed models, which include the baby’s face, hands, feet and umbilical cord.  The head ...

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