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Haley hands $9mn to Venezuelan refugees, raises regime change days after attempt on Maduro’s life

US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley visited the Colombia-Venezuela border to announce a $ 9-million aid package for refugees there. She took the opportunity to muse on the ouster of Nicolas Maduro, days after an assassination attempt. While on a visit to Colombia to endorse the newly elected President Ivan Duque, Haley also traveled to the border with Venezuela. ...

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‘Attempt to destabilize Venezuela’: Moscow condemns attack on Maduro

The Russian Foreign Ministry slammed the assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, in which seven people were injured, saying the use of terrorism is absolutely inappropriate for political purposes. “We strongly condemn the assassination attempt on the President of Venezuela [Nicolas Maduro],” reads a statement from the foreign ministry, which calls “the use of terrorism for political struggle” unacceptable. Read more ...

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72yo Florida man arrested for arson attempt told cops he planned a ‘small BBQ’ to ‘kill all Jews’

A resident of a Miami Beach condo was arrested just before he set his apartment complex, with “all of the f**king Jews” inside, on fire. The 72-year-old Neo-Nazi told cops arresting him that he’d wanted to have “a small barbecue.” After being served with an eviction notice, Walter Stolper, 72, apparently decided to take revenge and burn down the building ...

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New York mafia man miraculously survives point-blank range assassination attempt (VIDEO)

An associate of a New York City crime family has narrowly escaped death after being chased and shot several times by a would-be assassin on the streets of the Bronx, video footage released by police has revealed. Salvatore ‘Sally Daz’ Zottola, a partner in crime of the Bonanno family, which has ruled the streets of New York for over a ...

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‘Trump's attempt to control oil prices is the beginning of chaos’ – economist

Oil prices will rise regardless of what Iran does, but Trump will blame Tehran anyway. This will lead to conflict and the US president will probably enjoy causing it, Professor of Economics Steve Keen told RT. Iran has threatened to block seaborne oil shipments along a route that is used for almost one-third of all oil exports if Washington attempts ...

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Drunken man falls from Ferris wheel in failed selfie attempt (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

An attempt to take a spectacular selfie almost ended in a tragedy for a man in Irkutsk in Russia’s Siberia.The man’s horrendous fall from a Ferris wheel was captured on video by his shocked friends in Irkutsk, Siberia. The victim was drunk and climbed on the 50-meter-high ride to take a spectacular selfie. On Wednesday, four friends who had been ...

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‘Incompetent enemies’: John McAfee blasts ‘poisoning’ attempt from his hospital bed (PHOTOS)

John McAfee says he has survived an attempt on his life after his “enemies” tried to poison him. The cybersecurity pioneer made the startling claim on Twitter and shared images of himself lying in a hospital bed covered in tubes. “My enemies managed to spike something that I ingested,” McAfee wrote. “However, I am more difficult to kill than anyone ...

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Man beaten to death by mob in India over alleged attempt to slaughter cow

A man was beaten to death and another one injured in India by a mob who accused them of trying to slaughter a cow, video footage shows. The victims’ families say the crime was ‘cow-related,’ but police described it as a scuffle. The shocking incident took place in a village in Uttar Pradesh state, some 40km from New Delhi on ...

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Russiagaters aim high and miss again with fresh attempt to link RT to election interference campaign

Democratic lawmakers have finally managed to expose RT’s extensive efforts to influence the 2016 US presidential election — by releasing a list of advertised tweets, most of which actually had nothing to do with the election. Obviously, RT did everything it could to try and keep its nefarious campaign of interference under wraps, but the day of judgement is finally ...

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Attempt to break world’s biggest orgy record falls limp as enthusiasm withers

An attempt in Las Vegas to break the record for the world’s biggest orgy has fallen short of its record-breaking 500+ person target. Instead, the Sin City event attracted a relatively limp crowd of just 375. Despite organizers having changed to a larger venue to accommodate the more than 1,000 registrants, more than half of the expected number pulled out ...

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