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‘Go kill yourself!’ GOP candidates face attacks as Dems urge end to civility ahead of midterms

Two Minnesota GOP candidates and a Nevada GOP campaign manager were attacked in separate incidents over the last week as some Democratic leaders call for an end to civility in the run-up to the 2018 elections. Six-term Minnesota Representative Sarah Anderson confronted a man kicking campaign signs in Plymouth only to have the man lunge at her, forcing her into ...

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'F*ck Kavanaugh' lipstick and 4 other below-the-belt attacks on embattled Supreme Court nominee

Many might have felt that the Senate hearing was humiliation enough for Brett Kavanaugh, at least until he is actually found guilty of any crime. For others, it was just the beginning. Campaigning cosmetics F*ck Kavanaugh lipstick is definitely empowered female anger, and not tone-lowering opportunism. After all what could be more defiant than the name of a purported sexual ...

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German police bust far-right terror cell plotting attacks on migrants & ‘political enemies’

German police have arrested several far-right extremists, foiling high-profile attacks on immigrants and “people of different political views” on the anniversary of 1990 German unification. Just weeks after violence broke out in east German city of Chemnitz, police detained six young men, ranging from 20 to 30, Federal Prosecutor’s Office (GBA) has said. The suspects are said to be members ...

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Germany sees sharp rise in violent attacks against journalists – report

Germany has seen a rise in the number of journalists being attacked while merely doing their jobs, according to a report from the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF). Most of the perpetrators lean to the far-right. A total of 28 journalists have suffered 22 verified physical assaults so far in 2018, according to the report. That number ...

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Cryptocurrency mining attacks using leaked NSA hacking tools are still highly active a year later

It’s been over a year since highly classified exploits built by the National Security Agency were stolen and published online. One of the tools, dubbed EternalBlue, can covertly break into almost any Windows machine around the world. It didn’t take long for hackers to start using the exploits to run ransomware on thousands of computers, grinding hospitals and businesses to ...

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‘It’s science fiction’: Professor doubts claims of ‘microwave attacks’ on US diplomats in Cuba

There’s no conclusive evidence that US diplomats stationed in Cuba were injured by a futuristic weapon, Kenneth R. Foster, a professor of bioengineering, told RT, adding that theories involving microwaves were “science fiction.” NBC published an explosive report earlier this week claiming that several anonymous US officials suspect that Russia was behind a series of unexplained “attacks” on US diplomatic ...

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Is Russia behind ‘attacks’ on US diplomats in Cuba & China? Anonymous US officials obviously say yes

NBC has achieved the seemingly impossible, somehow managing to incorporate mysterious brain-zapping weapons, evidence-free accusations from anonymous US officials, and Russia, into a juicy smorgasbord of journalistic excellence. The bombshell report opens with a phrase that every American schoolchild already knows by heart – “Russia is likely behind” – but this is no ordinary, Pulitzer-prize winning morsel of security state ...

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US-trained militants planned to carry out terrorist attacks in Palmyra – Russian MoD

US specialists were training militants in Syria who were set to carry out a terrorist attacks in Palmyra, the Russian Defense Ministry has said. It received the information from fighters captured by the Syrian Army. The captured militants said that they were from the Lions of the East Army group, which is affiliated with the Free Syrian Army, according to ...

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Buildings, 7 cars & pizzeria torched in Sweden overnight as arson attacks continue

Several buildings, including a pizzeria and a garage, as well as seven cars, were set on fire overnight in southern Sweden as police remain clueless on how to curb the ongoing wave of arson attacks. The fire services received calls saying that a house was burning in a residential area of Kristianstad municipality shortly before midnight on Wednesday. The police ...

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