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'Political masquerade': Families of Paris attack victims sue France over 'don’t intervene' order

Families of Bataclan victims have filed a lawsuit against the French government, after it emerged that anti-terrorist soldiers were right outside one of the attack sites but were ordered to hold back and give their guns to police. The coordinated attacks on November 13, 2015 led to the deaths of 130 people across the French capital, 90 of whom were ...

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Russian region opens monument to two nurses killed in Syria terrorist attack on hospital

A monument to two Russian military nurses, killed in a terrorist attack on a hospital in Syria, was unveiled on Thursday in the Far East city of Birobidzhan. The monument, honoring Nadezhda Durachenko and Galina Mikhailova, was placed near the military hospital where the two women served before leaving for Syria. “The opening of the monument to the hospital workers ...

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Saudi-led coalition launches attack on Yemen’s ‘humanitarian lifeline’ of Hodeidah

The Saudi-led coalition and forces loyal to the former president Hadi have launched an assault on Yemen’s main port city of Hodeidah, one of the remaining humanitarian lifelines in the war-torn country, local news outlets report. The operation to retake the vital port city from the Houthis was launched on Wednesday morning, after the rebels rejected an ultimatum and refused ...

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Suit-wearing man lashes out in unprovoked sidewalk attack (VIDEO)

Shocking footage of a well-dressed man kicking a person lying on a San Francisco sidewalk has been released by police as they seek the public’s help in identifying the suspect. San Francisco Police Department released surveillance footage, Thursday, of the aggravated assault which happened in the city’s Tenderloin neighborhood, along Leavenworth Street, on May 24. READ MORE: Zombie knife-wielding man ...

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Putin pledges help to unrecognized Donbass republics, warns Ukraine against attack

Vladimir Putin has said that any aggravation of the military conflict in Ukraine would “inflict a tremendous damage” to the country’s statehood and added that Russian support for the Donbass republics will continue. During the Thursday televised Q&A session Putin faced a question from Russian journalist and writer Zakhar Prilepin, who is currently a voluntary advisor to the head of ...

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Israel thwarts terrorist cell planning attack on Netanyahu & Jerusalem mayor

Israel’s Shin Bet thwarted a terrorist cell that was planning attacks against senior Israeli officials including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to an investigation cited by media. Three people have been arrested. A terrorist operative from Syria was at least partly behind the cell, according to Ynet. In addition to a planned attack against Netanyahu, it was also targeting Jerusalem ...

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One dead, policewoman and another person injured after knife attack on train in Germany

A man has attacked a person on a train and then injured a police woman, German media report. Police have confirmed one person has been killed and two people have been injured after a knife attack on a train near Flensburg station in northern Germany. Initial reports suggest that the assailant was killed by police, reported Deutsche Welle. A man ...

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How to survive a knife attack: Chinese police go viral with 12 second advice video (VIDEO)

A video posted by Chinese police offering advice on how to deal with a potential knife attack has gone viral for its straight-talking but humorous content. The 12 second clip begins with a message from a seemingly earnest police officer. “Today we will be teaching you how to deal with a knife wielding assailant,” the officer says firmly as fellow ...

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Liege mass killer on ‘radical watchlist,’ attack designated ‘terrorist act’

The Liege attack which left three dead, along with the gunman, was a “terrorist murder,” Belgium’s federal magistrate said Wednesday. On Tuesday, Benjamin Herman attacked two policewomen in Liege, Belgium with a knife. He then seized a gun from one of the officers before shooting both women dead. A man in a nearby car was also fatally wounded by gunfire. ...

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Another day, another vendetta: Trump-haters use prison ‘baby bus’ photo to attack president

Just a day after the anti-Trump brigade admitted that a photo of caged migrant children they used to attack the president was actually taken under the Obama administration, there’s a new scandal doing the rounds – the baby bus. ABC Houston journalist Antonio Arellano tweeted a photo on Sunday of a prison transport bus with a difference: every seat was ...

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