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‘Fascist pieces of sh*t!’ Antifa attack police during white supremacist rally in DC (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Radical counter-protesters assaulted and abused police, who were trying to stop them clashing with a white supremacist rally in Washington, DC. Furious Antifa members called officers “fascists” and “members of the KKK.” Sunday’s left-wing counter-protests against the white nationalist Unite the Right 2 rally in the US capital were mostly non-violent, but some radical Antifa activists (short for anti-fascists) have ...

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Independent probe needed into deadly Saudi attack on bus in Yemen – UNSC

The United Nations Security Council believes a credible and transparent probe is needed into a Saudi-led coalition airstrike on a bus in Yemen, in which dozens of children were killed, according to the British envoy to the UN. “They expressed their grave concern at these, and all other recent attacks in Yemen. They called for a credible and transparent investigation,” ...

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Black-clad group protesting police brutality stage brutal attack outside Portland city hall (VIDEO)

Protesters against police brutality turned violent themselves and attacked security officers outside Portland City Hall. Footage shows a guard being repeatedly beaten on the head with a megaphone. The group of protesters stormed City Hall on Wednesday to express outrage after officers injured multiple people on Saturday, when Antifa demonstrators stormed a gathering by the right-wing Patriot Prayer. Footage of ...

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Death toll rises to 50 in Yemen bus attack – Red Cross

HomeWorld News Published time: 9 Aug, 2018 17:59 Get short URL The International Committee of the Red Cross, citing local officials, announced that a total of 50 people have died in the attack and 77 have been injured, most of them children. The latest on the toll 👇🏼👇🏼 #Yemenhttps://t.co/EIY0CZEcYx — ICRC Yemen (@ICRC_ye) August 9, 2018 DETAILS TO FOLLOW Let’s ...

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Bolivian leader digs up Pompeo comment about ‘transition’ in Venezuela after attack on Maduro

Evo Morales has lashed out at “Yankee interventionism” after an assassination attempt on the president of Venezuela, pointing to comments made by Mike Pompeo that the US is hoping for “transition” in the South American state. Morales, Bolivia’s staunchly anti-American president, took to Twitter to accuse the US of having “plans” for Venezuela, a day after Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro ...

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VIDEO claimed to show mid-air explosion of drone used in attack on Maduro

A video has emerged on social media purporting to show the exact moment a drone, reportedly aimed at Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, bursts into pieces in Caracas skies after apparently being shot down by the military. The footage, which has since been shared over 1,200 times, was posted on Sunday by Cesar Guardiola, who describes himself as a security advisor ...

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‘Attempt to destabilize Venezuela’: Moscow condemns attack on Maduro

The Russian Foreign Ministry slammed the assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, in which seven people were injured, saying the use of terrorism is absolutely inappropriate for political purposes. “We strongly condemn the assassination attempt on the President of Venezuela [Nicolas Maduro],” reads a statement from the foreign ministry, which calls “the use of terrorism for political struggle” unacceptable. Read more ...

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3 NATO servicemen killed in Taliban suicide attack on convoy in Afghanistan

Three members of NATO’s Resolute Support mission have been killed after a suicide bomber stuck a foreign troops patrol in eastern Afghanistan. A US serviceman and Afghan soldiers were also injured. The attack happened at around 6am local time as the convoy was driving in the Khala Zai area of Parwan, Wahida Shahkar, spokeswoman for the Parwan governor, told local ...

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Ramming attack on foreign cyclists in Tajikistan may be terrorist act as shocking VIDEO released

A terrorist attack is being considered as a possible motive behind the deadly ramming of foreign cyclists in Tajikistan, police have said. A gruesome video of Sunday’s incident appears to confirm it was intentional. “We are looking into all versions – accident, robbery… including a terrorist act,” Tajik Interior Minister Ramazon Rakhimzoda said during a briefing on the investigation of ...

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Russian military prevents drone attack on Khmeimim base in Syria

A drone, launched from a militant-held area towards Russia’s Khmeimim base in Syria, was shot down by the airfield’s defenses on Friday, the Russian military has reported, urging militant commanders to cease all provocations. The UAV was launched after dark from an area controlled by illegal armed groups in the north of Latakia province, according to a statement from the ...

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