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Which NATO members are engaged in ‘Novichok’-type substance research? Moscow asks bloc

Following the Czech president’s remarks about his country producing a nerve agent of the so-called Novichok family, Russia expects a response from NATO providing a full list of bloc members engaged in similar research. The scandal involving the poisoning of Russian ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury in March was taken to the next level after Czech ...

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Sky News cuts off top British general after he asks ‘Why would Syria launch a gas attack now?’

UK broadcaster Sky News cut short Major-General Jonathan Shaw, formerly one the British Army’s most senior officers, in mid-sentence, as he cast doubt on London’s narrative on the alleged Syrian government gas attack in Douma. News presenter Samantha Washington asked Shaw a narrowly-worded question, asking if Russian denials about the government’s responsibility would mean it’s necessary for any UK intervention ...

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‘Are you pro-Putin? Do you hold secret meetings?’ – NY watchdog asks Russian pancake chain

The Russiagate-inspired frenzy seemingly hit a new low when a routine sanitary inspection in New York turned into an investigation into Putin ties and “secret meetings in the basement” at a well-known Russian food chain. A New York sanitary inspector posed “astonishing questions” to Teremok, one of Russia’s largest fast-food chains that specializes in traditional cuisine, according to its founder ...

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Evidence before accusations: Austria asks for full-fledged Skripal investigation

It’s premature to pin the blame in the Skripal poisoning case without first conducting a proper investigation, Austria’s foreign minister has said. The UK has already picked Russia as a boogey man in the incident. Read more Speaking in Brussels on Monday, Karin Kneissl said that she viewed the poisoning of former double-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, ...

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Feinstein asks CIA to declassify Gina Haspel post 9-11 torture documents before confirmation

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) has asked the CIA to declassify documents related to Deputy Director Gina Haspel’s reported involvement in the agency’s post-September 11 torture program. Trump has tapped Haspel to take over as the agency’s next director after current director Mike Pompeo leaves to replace Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. “As we move forward with the nomination process ...

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Cui bono? Russian envoy to UN asks about Salisbury case, says Moscow ready for open probe

Russia’s envoy to the UN has demanded proof of Russia’s involvement in the incident in Salisbury. He also asked members of UNSC to think who would benefit from these accusations. Vasily Nebenzya said the UK dragged this case to the UN rather than addressing a relevant international body in the Hague because it is scared of a professional probe. Most ...

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‘How can one not be a Russophobe?’ – asks former CIA agent … and Twitter answers

The notion that some people might not identify as Russophobic is apparently so perplexing to former CIA agent John Sipher, that he felt the need to put the question to Twitter. Then he felt the need for some backtracking. “How can one not be a Russophobe?” the former spy, who once worked as the CIA’s Moscow bureau chief, tweeted. Sipher ...

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Yabloko leader asks Putin to cancel annual parliamentary address

The head of liberal Russian party Yabloko has asked President Vladimir Putin to cancel the annual address to parliament. Emilia Slabunova suggested instead that the president report the results of his work as the head of state. “In order to implement the citizens’ right to free access to information about the work of state power bodies I ask you, Vladimir ...

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Turkey asks US to remove Kurdish fighters from Washington-backed Syrian militia

Turkey has asked Washington to end its support for Kurdish fighters and remove them from the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). It comes amid growing tensions between the NATO allies. Speaking after a NATO defense ministers’ meeting in Brussels on Thursday, Turkish Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli said he had told his US counterpart, Jim Mattis, that Washington’s support for the ...

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‘None of the above’ candidate asks Supreme Court to remove Putin from presidential race

Ksenia Sobchak has asked the Supreme Court to annul Vladimir Putin’s registration as a candidate in the March presidential elections, alleging the incumbent is violating legal term restrictions. Sobchak is running on the ticket of the minor political party Civic Initiative, but is positioning herself as an option for those who would prefer to fill the no-longer-existing ‘none of the ...

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