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Earth’s first artists? Oldest known cave paintings created by ‘sophisticated’ Neanderthals (VIDEO)

More sophisticated and closer to modern humans than previously thought, Neanderthals were the world’s first artists, according to new research which has uncovered cave art in Spain thought to be some 65,000 years old. The incredible discovery calls into question previous assumptions about the archaic humans and suggests they may have had an artistic sense similar to our own. Neanderthals ...

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Judge awards graffiti artists $6.7mn after 'callous' landlord destroys buildings (PHOTOS)

A New York judge has awarded a group of graffiti artists $ 6.7 million after buildings that displayed their work were destroyed to make way for luxury condos. The artwork had been displayed for decades in an area of Queens known as ‘5Pointz.’ The graffiti had become a huge tourist attraction, drawing in thousands of visitors daily until it was ...

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Apple debuts a dashboard for artists that tracks both streams and purchases

Apple today launched a new dashboard that will allow artists on Apple Music to track fans’ listening and buying habits, and view a variety of analytics about their music, according to Billboard which had the launch exclusive from Apple. The dashboard, called Apple Music for Artists, is currently available only for select beta users ahead of a broader launch planned for ...

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Nude protest & sheep slaughter at Auschwitz death camp now end in prison sentence for artists

A group of international artists have been fined and handed prison terms for staging a “performance” at the Auschwitz death camp last year, during which they undressed themselves and slaughtered a sheep. The controversial act took place at the entrance to the infamous Nazi concentration camp – now turned museum – when a dozen young people in their twenties undressed ...

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Rick Ross Apologizes for Misogynist Remarks About Not Hiring Female Artists

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Rick Ross admits he made a mistake when he said he hadn’t signed female artists to his label because he’d “end up f***ing” them. Renzel issued an apology Thursday, backpedaling from his comments on the ‘Breakfast Club’ this week. If you missed… TMZ.com

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Artists project 'Emoluments Clause' on Trump's D.C. hotel

Artists in Washington D.C. briefly blasted the Trump International Hotel with a projection instructing guests to drop off their foreign cash inside. Robin Bell said he kicked off the colorful display from a van parked across the street around 9:15 p.m. Monday. It lasted 10 minutes before a security guard for the Old Post Office stood in front of the ...

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Grammys Secret Committee Torpedoes Black Artists, Village People Singer Claims (DOCUMENT)

2/16/2017 3:03 PM PST EXCLUSIVE 4:00 PM PT — The Recording Academy tells us it has no “secret committees,” and adds there’s plenty of info regarding the Nominations Review Committees (to which our post refers) on its website.   A spokesperson says members of the Review Committee “are not disclosed to ensure fairness and neutrality.” This prevents them from being ...

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Artists pay tribute to boxing great Muhammad Ali in new exhibits

Championship boxer Muhammad Ali’s legendary adventures in the sport of boxing and beyond fascinated the eyes and imaginations of painter LeRoy Neiman and photographer George Kalinsky, as they did for millions of people around the world. Although Ali was greatly admired internationally in the arenas of social activism and human rights, his boxing exploits were what captivated the artists whose ...

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Katy Perry’s dancing shark takes bite out of artist’s idea

MIAMI (AP) — The dancing sharks that stole some of the spotlight during Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show have taken a bite out of an artist’s bid to sell small figurines of them. After the stumbling and uncoordinated sharks became an overnight Internet sensation, Fernando Sosa joined in on the Web frenzy and worked up a design of a ...

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