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'Crawl back under your rock,’ Swedish FM tells anti-PC academic Jordan Peterson

Sweden’s Foreign Minister has issued a rather undiplomatic request to Canadian academic and internet sensation Jordan B. Peterson, thrilling a Stockholm audience by expressing her desire to see him fade from the public eye. Speaking on a “pro-women” panel in Sweden’s capital on Wednesday, Margot Wallström said that Peterson should “crawl back under the rock he came from,” adding that ...

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Anti-PC professor Jordan Peterson slams UK media over cringeworthy Сhannel 4 interview

A professor who is gaining support for his campaign against political correctness has attacked the British media, after he was accused of forming an army of trolls against a reporter following an interview on Channel 4. Jordan Peterson, a Canadian lecturer, has criticized the way Cathy Newman, a Channel 4 anchor, turned on him in an interview, before he rebuked ...

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