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Vox co-founder defends Antifa siege of Tucker Carlson, then deletes ALL tweets

After far-left protesters harassed Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s family in an incident now being investigated as a potential hate crime, a Vox.com writer defended the intimidation – and then ate his words. All of them. Matt Yglesias, co-founder of Vox.com, tweeted in support of Smash Racism DC, an Antifa group whose members swarmed Carlson’s front yard and carried signs ...

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Antifa protest at Tucker Carlson's home investigated as possible hate crime

The protesters that descended on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s home in Washington, DC, Wednesday night might face hate crime charges, police said. The activists defaced the host’s home as his wife cowered inside. Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department said it is treating the incident outside the home of the conservative news channel star as a “suspected hate crime,” as they believe ...

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Instant karma: Antifa protester loses job for abusing 9/11 widow

An Antifa protester who told a 9/11 widow that her husband should “rot in his grave” was served an instant dose of karma when he was identified and promptly fired from his job on Saturday. In a video that went viral last week the man, later identified as Steve Wilson, picks a fight with a woman at a crosswalk in ...

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Louisiana police sued for withholding ‘Antifa list’ of anti-Trump petitioners

Louisiana State Police are being sued by a Harvard lecturer over their alleged refusal to release a list of anti-Trump petitioners that they had. He says it originated from a neo-Nazi website, and was named “Antifa list.” Harvard Law School lecturer Thomas Frampton is suing Louisiana State Police (LSP) over its alleged failure to release a list of thousands of ...

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Antifa protesters clash with cops during Blue Lives Matter counter-rally (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Sixteen members of Antifa groups were arrested after clashing with police during a counter-protest against a Blue Lives Matter rally in Philadelphia. Around 75 protesters identifying themselves as part of Antifa groups turned up to the event at around 11:30am on Saturday, saying they were there to protest police brutality, stop-and-frisk policies, and mass incarceration. Some of the protesters wore ...

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Antifa clashes debate: Same as ‘Batman using violence to prevent greater violence’? (VIDEO)

Following CNN host Chris Cuomo’s controversial statement that “all punches are not equal,” which prompted accusations that he supports Antifa violence, RT has hosted a debate on whether brute force is sometimes justified. Speaking during an on-air segment, political and social issues commentator Anthony Brian Logan said the issue of violence is a simple one. Read more “You can’t put ...

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‘All punches are not equal’ – CNN’s Cuomo stops short of defending Antifa violence

After Sunday’s poorly attended ‘Unite the Right 2’ white nationalist rally, CNN host Chris Cuomo argued that violence perpetrated by Antifa, while wrong in the eyes of the law, was morally superior to the violence of “hate.” In his closing monologue on Monday night, Cuomo delivered a criticism of all violence from those on both sides of the political spectrum ...

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‘Fascist pieces of sh*t!’ Antifa attack police during white supremacist rally in DC (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Radical counter-protesters assaulted and abused police, who were trying to stop them clashing with a white supremacist rally in Washington, DC. Furious Antifa members called officers “fascists” and “members of the KKK.” Sunday’s left-wing counter-protests against the white nationalist Unite the Right 2 rally in the US capital were mostly non-violent, but some radical Antifa activists (short for anti-fascists) have ...

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‘Antifa’ unmasked: Berkeley police criticized for tweeting mugshots of activists

Police in Berkeley, California have been criticized for tweeting out mugshots of left-wing antifa activists arrested on Sunday at a protest against a right-wing rally. The arrests took place as left-wing Antifa protesters clashed with a right-wing ‘No to Marxism’ rally in the city’s Civic Center Park. After being criticized for failing to prevent violence at a similar event last ...

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Tensions high as Patriot Prayer & Antifa protestors stage rival rallies in Portland

Hundreds of demonstrators from the right-wing Patriot Prayer group and Antifa activists have launched rivaling protests in Portland. There’s heavy police presence on site after similar events earlier this year ending in violence. The opposing crowds, described as “giant” by the local media, have gathered at Tom McCall Waterfront Park on Saturday. The police in riot gear have been so ...

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