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Anne Hathaway denounces ‘white privilege’ at star-studded gala dinner

Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway took to the stage to bash white, straight, cisgender privilege, at an awards ceremony attended by a who’s-who of Democrats, celebrities, and activists. Hathaway, who is white, married (to a man) with a son, and among the world’s highest-paid actresses, told the audience at the Human Rights Campaign’s National Dinner on Saturday night that she is ...

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Facebook pulls post by Anne Frank Center after seeing only nudity in a photo of the Holocaust

Facebook moderators temporarily removed a post by the Anne Frank Center which was seeking to raise awareness about the Holocaust, after the company was unable to distinguish between historical genocide and child nudity. The post included an archive photograph of Jewish children who had been stripped and starved by Nazi Germany. Between 1941 and 1945 the German state imprisoned and murdered millions ...

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'Tasteless’: Amsterdam ‘Anne & Frank’ bakery to change name amid Twitter outcry

The owner of a newly opened bakery in Amsterdam called ‘Anne & Frank’ will change its name after facing accusations of being “tasteless” in his decision to name his pastry business after the Holocaust victim. Owner Roberto Barsoum said he never wanted to offend anyone and will find a new name for his bakery, which is located near the house ...

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Anti-Semitic Anne Frank stickers land Lazio football club with €50k fine

Italian football club Lazio has been hit with a €50,000 fine after supporters placed anti-Semitic stickers of Jewish Holocaust victim Anne Frank around their shared stadium. Fans of the Serie A club have avoided a stadium ban for the incident on October 22, which saw a cluster of supporters post up stickers of Anne Frank wearing the shirt of their ...

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Lazio football club face disciplinary hearing over anti-Semitic Anne Frank stickers & slogans

Published time: 14 Nov, 2017 18:52 The Italian football federation has ordered Serie A club Lazio to attend a disciplinary hearing after its supporters were found guilty of distributing anti-Semitic stickers featuring the image of Holocaust victim Anne Frank. Read more Members of the Lazio ultras group “Irriducibili” caused outrage by posting stickers depicting Anne Frank wearing a jersey of their arch ...

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‘Helpless snowflakes’: Anne Widdecombe leads backlash against Westminster sex scandal (VIDEO)

Published time: 2 Nov, 2017 18:16 Former Tory MP Anne Widdecombe has denounced women speaking out against sexual harassment at Westminster as “helpless little snowflakes” during an interview with RT. The politician-turned-commentator decried that “women are being so wimpish these days, wallowing in self-pity, expecting the men always to protect them.” Read more “This wasn’t what the women’s lib I ...

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Anti-Semitic Anne Frank stickers appear in Germany in copy of Lazio ultras’ behavior

Published time: 31 Oct, 2017 12:26 German football ultras have posted anti-Semitic stickers depicting Anne Frank wearing the jersey of top flight club FC Schalke 04 in an apparent copy of recent behavior by hard-core supporters of Italian team Lazio. The stickers emerged in Düsseldorf, around 45 minutes from where Schalke play their home Bundesliga games in Gelsenkirchen. German sports ...

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Deutsche Bahn names high-speed train after Anne Frank, lands in hot water

The German national railway provider has courted widespread controversy over its plan to name a new generation passenger train after the famous diarist Anne Frank. A Holocaust victim, Frank was taken to the Auschwitz extermination camp by train. Critics say that the way the Deutsche Bahn (DB) has chosen to commemorate Frank is at least controversial and insensitive, given the ...

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13 Lazio fans handed stadium bans for role in anti-Semitic Anne Frank stickers & slogans

Published time: 27 Oct, 2017 17:12 Thirteen Lazio fans have been identified and banned for their role in posting stickers depicting Jewish Holocaust victim Anne Frank in a jersey of arch rivals Roma along with anti-Semitic slogans. The fans were charged with “committing acts of racial discrimination via the use of anti-Semitic material, offensive for its content and ability to ...

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‘I don’t give a damn’ – Italian fans sing fascist chant during Anne Frank diary readings

Published time: 26 Oct, 2017 14:30 Ultras of Italian football club SS Lazio reacted to readings from Anne Frank’s diary by singing a fascist Italian song before their game at Bologna on Wednesday. READ MORE: Italian football fans in anti-Semitic storm over Holocaust victim stickers A portion of away fans defiantly sang “Me ne frego”, which translates as “I don’t give ...

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