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Discover Aleppo: Syria invites tourists to visit ancient city 2 years after liberation (VIDEO)

Video offering panoramic and aerial views of Aleppo has been released by the Syrian ministry of tourism in an apparent attempt to say that the country’s historic pearl is finally ready to receive visitors. The pitch comes almost two years after the Syrian army defeated jihadist rebel groups besieging the city in a series of fierce battles. The fighting damaged ...

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Farmer stumbles upon burial site filled with ancient Greek statues (PHOTOS)

A Greek farmer’s discovery of an antique fragment while tilling his field has led to the discovery of four ancient statues from the Archaic era and several historical graves. The country’s Culture Ministry says they were alerted to the stunning discovery by a farmer who stumbled upon the torso of an ancient kouros – the Greek name given to free-standing ...

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‘Tunnel to the underworld’: Strange subterranean passages found beneath ancient Mexican pyramid

Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious tunnel and funeral chamber beneath the Pyramid of the Moon near Mexico City which was believed to represent a passageway to the ancient underworld. The 15-meter-wide (50 ft) chamber, located around 8 meters (26 ft) under the surface is believed to have been used for sacred funerary rituals. An additional tunnel leading to the Plaza ...

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‘Vampire burial’: Research team unearths ‘extremely eerie & weird’ ancient Roman grave (PHOTOS)

The discovery of a 10-year-old child’s remains at an ancient Roman site in Italy is “extremely eerie and weird” evidence of “vampire burials,” where steps were taken to prevent the deceased rising from the dead. READ MORE: Mistaken for vampires and accused of witchcraft, BBC crew ‘nearly stoned to death’ in Malawi The skeletal remains, uncovered by a team of archaeologists from ...

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Ancient Greek vase found from tourist’s holiday photos

A tourist looking back over his holiday photos accidentally discovered a remarkably intact ancient amphora, estimated to date from the Byzantine period, floating in the sea off a beach on Greece’s largest island, Crete. The man noticed the suspicious object on Thursday afternoon while looking back at pictures he took of the calm sea at the popular Arina beach in ...

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3,000yo Egyptian cheese infected with deadly disease unearthed at ancient burial site

Connoisseurs say that the taste of cheese improves with age – but what if it was left to age for 3,200 years? Archaeologists in Egypt now have the chance to find out, but it comes with an unexpected bonus: deadly ancient bacteria. A team from the University of Catania in Italy found the cheese at the tomb of Ptahmes, a ...

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Ancient Mayan discovery: 7,000yo skeleton unearthed in Mexican cave (PHOTOS)

Human remains dating back as far as 7,000 years have been found in a cave in southern Mexico. Experts believe the skeletons belong to the earliest-known ancestors of the country’s ancient Mayan civilization. READ MORE: ‘Elaborate underworld’ of Mayan pyramids to be explored by archaeologists Researchers from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropological History (INAH) discovered three sets of remains during ...

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Ancient Egyptian sphinx discovered during road construction between ancient temples

An Egyptian infrastructure project has been halted after construction workers found a sphinx-like statue during roadworks between the ancient temples of Karnak and Luxor. READ MORE: Old Giza! Egypt relocates giant 3,000yo statue of pharaoh Ramses II (VIDEO) Workers at the site were said to have found a “lion’s body with a human head” by the area’s Director General of ...

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‘She was different’: Body of a ‘witch’ found at ancient burial site (PHOTOS)

History is littered with executions of women suspected of dabbling in black magic. Now archaeologists believe they have found the ancient remains of a so-called witch, buried with her hands propped behind her back. It’s unknown how the woman – who was from a third-to-fourth century Chernyakhov settlement in modern day Ukraine – came to meet her death. READ MORE: Witch ...

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Feeling fluey? Blame it on ancient fish, study suggests

Many of the viruses infecting humans today have evolved from ancient animals and can even be traced back to the first vertebrates ever to exist, according to new research. The study by researchers at The University of Sydney along with the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Centre, has been published in the ...

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