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Afghan guards open fire at Afghan-NATO meeting in Kandahar, injuring 2 Americans – reports

Two US citizens were wounded and a local police chief killed, as Afghan guards opened fire at NATO and US forces commander in Afghanistan, Austin S. Miller after his meeting with Kandahar officials in the city. The attack took place on Thursday afternoon after Miller’s meeting with Kandahar’s governor and provincial police chief, Geneneral Abdul Raziq, which took place at ...

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Trump savages Medicare for All, as more Americans embrace socialism

President Trump once again lambasted the idea of socialized healthcare, as Medicare for All becomes a mainstream Democrat position, and more and more Americans warm to the idea of socialism. Writing in a USA Today op-ed on Wednesday, Trump penned a scathing criticism of ‘Medicare for All,’ a Democratic proposal that would see healthcare handled by the government and funded ...

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Positive attitude between Russians and Americans in serious decline – research

The positive attitude between Russians and Americans seriously declined in the past year as did Russians’ opinion of Donald Trump, according to a US study. Share of Americans who like Vladimir Putin remains almost unchanged. The share of Russians who describe their attitude to the US as positive fell from 41 percent in 2017 to just 21 percent this year, ...

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‘Woefully uninformed’: 81% of Americans under 45 would fail basic ‘US citizenship test’

An overwhelming majority of Americans have no clue about their history or civic culture, with only 36 percent of natives able to pass the US Citizenship Civics Test taken by foreigners, a new study has shown. Surprisingly enough, those born with the inherent right to be called Americans failed to answer even the basic questions about their history and culture, ...

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Americans brace for texts straight from Trump – with no chance to opt-out

On Wednesday, every mobile phone in the US will receive a message from President Donald Trump, and the only way to stop it is to switch it off (or flee into the wilderness). Although three people want a court to shield them. Strangely enough, the message will have nothing to do with politics. Instead, it’s a test of a nationwide ...

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US ‘state terror’ in Middle East has ‘little to do with’ defending Americans, says former US marine

The US war in Afghanistan was built on a “profitable lie” and the “state terror” perpetuated by Washington in its foreign wars has little to do with protecting and defending Americans, a former US marine has written. There is a “chasm of awareness” that exists between American veterans and civilians who don’t know what war is really like, former marine ...

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'We're going to win!' Pompeo vows China trade war will last until Americans get what they 'deserve'

As the latest US and Chinese tit-for-tat tariffs are about to take effect, Mike Pompeo has reassured Americans that any inconveniences they might suffer in the trade war are temporary, before they emerge victorious and prosperous. After a vast number of American businesses and multinationals expressed concern about the damage from the new tariffs and potential further escalation of the ...

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Like Americans, Germany now learns of US decisions from Twitter – Foreign Minister

Twitter is sometimes the only way to learn of decisions made by the US, a German minister has complained. Americans are in no better position, he said – they also have to rely on White House tweets to catch up. The level of communication between Germany and the US is now so low that Berlin has to employ Twitter to ...

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‘Russians are coming for the Boy Scouts’ says professor in warning to Americans

Not content with (alleged) efforts to destroy US democracy through election interference in 2016, Russia is now “likely” targeting American civic society groups like the Boy Scouts and local charities, a professor has suggested. “It may be hard to imagine Russia going after the Boy Scouts,” Susan Landau, a professor at Tufts University, wrote in an essay published by The ...

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This is what Americans think about the state of election security right now

A wide-ranging new poll yields some useful insight into how worried the average American feels about election threats as the country barrels toward midterms. The survey, conducted by NPR and researchers with Marist College, polled 949 adult U.S. residents in early September across regions of the country, contacting participants through both landlines and mobile devices. The results are a significant glimpse ...

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