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US House Intelligence Committee declares China ‘pre-eminent threat to American security & values’

Having bitterly split along partisan lines in the probe over Russian influence and “meddling,” the House Intelligence Committee united in decrying the “pre-eminent threat” posed to the US by another rising power ‒ China. “China has only become emboldened and now may be the pre-eminent threat to American security, our economy and our values,” Committee Chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-California) ...

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Russia could ban imported American French fries

Russia is considering a ban on imported French fries from the US and other Western countries that have imposed sanctions against Moscow. Russia imported 94 percent of its French fries in 2017 but has bought the necessary equipment to produce it locally, Russia’s National Horticultural Union head Sergey Korolev told RT. The new equipment allows production of 110,000 tons a ...

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'Racial profiling, white privilege': Twitter reacts to Native American teens kicked off campus tour

Two Native American teens were pulled from a campus tour at Colorado State University because a white mother called the police fearing that they “didn’t belong.” The two teens – Thomas Kanewakeron Gray and his brother Lloyd Skanahwati Gray – were questioned by police after the mother of another teen on the tour called to report their “odd” behaviour and ...

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‘One-in-six’ American pensioners is a millionaire

A report by financial planning firm United Income shows that the US has never had so many wealthy retirees, with the share of millionaire pensioners almost doubling, and their average wealth soaring by over 100 percent since 1989. “Most of that surge in wealth has occurred in financial accounts, which means it can be relatively more easily converted into retirement ...

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American sues France for seizing France.com web domain he's owned since '94

A French-born American bought the domain France.com in 1994. However, in March 2018, the ownership of the domain was abruptly transferred to the French government. Now, Jean-Noël Frydman is suing to get his business back. Over a 20-year period, Frydman built up a substantial business that served the French-speaking community in the United States; he even collaborated with several French ...

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Kremlin counts on American people to study US House report on Russia, promises surprises

The latest US House Intelligence Committee report on Russia should make people wonder about the real reasons for the continuing Russian collusion hysteria, Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters. “We would like to hope that some people in America actually read this report, because sometimes there is an impression that these reports are not released for people to ...

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Dubai firm commissioned Qatar-smearing film from American who made fake news for Iraq war

When Gulf states cut ties with Doha in 2017 over its alleged support of terrorism, tensions were aided by a Dubai firm that hired a man to create an anti-Qatar video. That same man also led a US propaganda project in Iraq. Charles Andreae is the owner of the firm Andreae & Associates, which was contracted in August 2017 to ...

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‘Syrian strike was risk without benefit for US, as Russia got American weapon samples’

By striking Syria, the US and its allies basically sacrificed their advanced arms to Russia without receiving any actual benefit on the ground, Charles Shoebridge, a security analyst and former UK army officer, told RT. The Russian Defense Ministry’s display of fragments of missiles, which were fired at Syrian targets by the Western allies on April 14, would be “a ...

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Why American LNG is no substitute for Russian gas in Europe

Washington’s plan to oust Russian natural gas from the European market and substitute it with its own liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipments is not economically feasible, analysts told RT. “American LNG exports have failed to become a full-fledged alternative to Gazprom’s pipeline gas in Europe, as the latter has set another record-high last year. About half of the US LNG ...

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Police taze ‘combative’ American Airlines passenger (VIDEO)

A ‘disruptive’ air passenger was tazed multiple times on board an American Airlines flight Sunday after he refused to be escorted from the plane by police. The incident was filmed by an eye-witness as passengers were boarding American Airlines flight 2446 from Miami to Chicago O’Hare. Footage shows a man remonstrating with Miami police officers in the aisle of the ...

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