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Kosovo has no foreign policy, ‘led by America’ – PM

Kosovo is “part of a club led by America” and is happy to have Washington manage its foreign policy, the prime minister of Serbia’s renegade province said in a TV interview. “We are part of Europe and cooperate with Brussels and Berlin,” Ramush Haradinaj told Serbia’s Happy TV in a three-hour recorded interview aired this week. “However, when it comes ...

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Twitter hit by outages across Europe, North America & Asia

Published time: 17 Apr, 2018 14:17 Edited time: 17 Apr, 2018 14:49 Twitter has experienced an outage in parts of Europe, North America and Asia. The micro-blogging website went down about 14:00 GMT, according to Down Detector, a website which tracks technical problems on social media. Users took to another social media giant, Facebook, to report outages on the east ...

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Russia to suspend nuclear, rocket cooperation with America, ban US tobacco & alcohol – draft law

Russian lawmakers have drafted a bill suspending cooperation with US companies in the nuclear, missile and aircraft-building spheres, as well as introducing restrictions on imports of alcohol and tobacco produced in the US. “The bill is about alcohol and tobacco products and about ceasing or suspending international cooperation in the nuclear sphere, rocket engine building and aircraft building between Russian ...

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China tells America to take its garbage back

Chinese customs officials have refused entry to 469 tons of solid waste from the US, the import of which has recently been banned, and sent the garbage back to America, Xinhua news agency reported. Inspectors in Hangzhou, the capital of east China’s Zhejiang Province, found the shipment consisting of scrap paper mixed with waste metal parts and used drinking bottles, ...

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Twitter reportedly down in parts of North and South America, Europe

Twitter has reportedly suffered an outage, with users in Western Europe, North America and parts of South America affected. Down Detector, which provides updates on website malfunctions, reported issues for the social media platform just before 17:30 GMT. It appears that some people have been unable to use Twitter, or at the very least see new posts on the platform. ...

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US congressman proposes gold-backed dollar, but does America have enough bullion?

Republican Congressman from West Virginia Alex Mooney has proposed a bill “to define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold.” The problem is that the US may not have enough physical gold to back the greenback, an expert tells RT. In bill number 5404, dated March 22, Mooney criticizes US monetary policy, citing the fall in the dollar’s purchasing ...

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Trump defends Sinclair Broadcasting as ‘news script’ media scandal shakes America

President Donald Trump has again defended Sinclair Broadcasting after a video showing over 100 American news stations owned by the company reading from the same script went viral, with some even calling it Orwellian. “The Fake News Networks, those that knowingly have a sick and biased AGENDA, are worried about the competition and quality of Sinclair Broadcast. The “Fakers” at ...

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Another chapter on Facebook’s privacy woes is being written in Latin America

Felicitas CarriqueContributor Felicitas Carrique is an Argentinian reporter focused on media, technology, and innovation. The abuse of Facebook’s platform for political purposes is a problem that doesn’t stop at the U.S border. Governments around the world are continuing to wrestle with the implications of Cambridge Analytica’s acquisition of Facebook user data from the heart of Europe to the capitals of ...

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Iraq War 15 years on: How America brought chaos & bloodshed to a nation (VIDEO)

On March 19, 2003, US President George Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq. It’s a decision which brought an onslaught of violence to the civilian population and has left the nation reeling 15 years later. Bush declared the military invasion to depose Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and disarm the country, promising civilians that freedom was in sight. “The tyrant will ...

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‘Trump may kill Iran deal, and that would be bad…for America’

Donald Trump, a fierce critic of Iranian nuclear deal, has so far made no moves to withdraw the US from it. But a continued assault may lead to consequences that would be surprisingly bad for America, analysts warn. The deal’s future becomes even less promising with the exit of Rex Tillerson as secretary of state – seen as a voice ...

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