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15 Amazing Sculptures From All Around The World

Practically every city has its very own creative sculptures, normally tucked along roads or city squares. A few of them are quite regular, others can be exceptionally attractive. To save you some journeys across the globe, we bring together a list of one of the most imaginative sculptures and also statuaries located throughout the world. Some are old, some are ...

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21 Amazing Beautiful Photos


These the photos clicked to earn memories as well as not to be failed to remember. These are a few of the most fantastic picture clicked in current times from the expert digital photographers around the world. Siena International Photo Award is among the photo contests with the highest possible global participation ever. 2016 edition has actually received nearly 50.000 ...

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Not Sahara Desert or Iceland geysers! These amazing places are actually in Russia

Russian cities are known for their fairytale architecture, endless museums and vibrant nightlife. But there are some parts of Russia one would never guess were part of the vast country they associate with snow, bears and vodka. Not the Sahara Desert  Nope, it’s not the Sahara Desert. It’s a stretch of land in a region known as the Sakha Republic ...

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‘Amazing footage’: Humpback whale bounds into air soaking gobsmacked tourists (VIDEO)

Whale-watching is not without its perils, as tourists aboard an Australian sightseeing ship discovered when they were drenched by an enormous leaping leviathan that came incredibly close to crushing their boat. Cruising for marine animals off the coast of Port Macquarie, the tourists certainly got their money’s worth when a massive humpback whale rose from the sea, creating a huge ...

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‘I’m starting a candy company & it’s going to be amazing’: Musk trolls Buffett in bizarre spat

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has vowed to start a candy company, in what appears to be a bizarre trolling response to comments made by fellow billionaire Warren Buffett. Buffett was responding to criticism Musk made earlier this week regarding one of his core investment principles –the moat– meaning the competitive advantage of a company. Musk dismissed the strategy as “lame” ...

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From ‘amazing’ to ‘disgusting’: Netizens divided over New York Mag Trump cover

New York Magazine has come in for praise and criticism in equal measure for its controversial cover depicting US President Donald Trump as a pig. While it could be perceived as a belated April Fool’s Day prank, the April 2 issue of the magazine is entirely genuine and features a frighteningly close photo of the ‘Donald’s’ face with a photoshopped ...

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Russian Embassy ‘captures’ entire block in Washington, DC… in amazing world of fake news

Russia’s Embassy in Washington has been accused of taking over “an entire block” in a suspected “parking fraud” by a Twitter user. The unfounded allegations promptly became a “fact” when media outlets picked up the story. The controversy surrounding the parking spaces erupted earlier this week when a vigilant Twitter user notified Washington’s District Department of Transportation (DDOT DC), posting ...

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Facebook invented a new time unit called the ‘flick’ and it’s truly amazing

I was all set to dislike the “flick,” a time unit just recently invented by Facebook (technically the Oculus team), because I thought it was going to be something worthless like “the average time someone looks at a post.” In fact it’s a very clever way of dividing time that theoretically could make video and audio production much more harmonious. ...

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Space bugs, Papal calls, amazing auroras: 17yrs aboard the ISS (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Published time: 3 Nov, 2017 17:50 Friday November 3 marks 17 years of continuous human habitation on the International Space Station (ISS). Astronauts from many nations have called the ISS home over the years as they undertook missions of maintenance and discovery. The first components of what would become the constantly-manned ISS were first launched into space in the late ...

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Amazing glowing aerial ball leaves Siberians in awe (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Published time: 27 Oct, 2017 20:56 A huge glowing ball has been spotted during dark hours in various locations across Siberia, Russia. People living hundreds of miles from each other witnessed the impressive, but somewhat scary phenomenon. Officials later explained the mysterious sighting, but not before speculations reached frenzied proportions. Aleksey Yakovlev managed to capture the ball against a fantastic ...

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