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Almost 80% of Russians want death penalty to fight corruption, Twitter poll shows

Some 79 percent of Russians want their country to use Chinese means to fight corruption, with the death penalty for large-scale bribery, according to a Twitter poll conducted by the head of the Defense Ministry’s public council. Earlier this week renowned Russian journalist and military expert Yuri Korotchenko asked his Twitter following to answer the question: “Does the Russian Federation ...

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Almost half of Indians out of drinking water by 2030, 600 million facing shortages – study

Hundreds of millions of Indians are in need of clean water and demand may twice exceed the available supply by 2030, a government think tank has warned. 200,000 people already die annually due to drought and water contamination. The second-largest population in the world is suffering from the worst water crisis in its history, with the situation deteriorating year by ...

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Russia repays almost all compensations ordered by European HR court – deputy minister

Russia has fulfilled almost all compensation recommendations ordered by the European Court of Human Rights over the past 20 years, and the overall sum was about $ 235 million, deputy justice minister Mikhail Galperin has said. Galperin dismissed as fake news the information that the overall compensation total ordered by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg reached ...

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Foreign tourists to shell out almost $2bn in Russia during World Cup

Russia will get a significant boost as a result of increased tourist flow during the FIFA World Cup, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development said. “According to our estimates, foreigners will spend over 100 billion rubles ($ 1.6 billion) during the World Cup in Russia,” Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin told Sovetsky Sport newspaper. He expressed confidence Western sanctions ...

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Almost 2mn questions: President Putin hosts annual Q&A (WATCH LIVE)

Vladimir Putin holds his highly anticipated annual televised question-and-answer session, and the number of questions is about two million. This year’s event is Putin’s 16th and is different from the previous ones in several ways. As of Thursday morning, over 1.9 million questions have been submitted, according to Interfax, and the number keeps growing. The annual event, which is officially ...

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Microsoft sinks almost 1,000 servers to boost internet speeds

Microsoft has deployed a submarine-like data center off the coast of Orkney in Scotland, housing hundreds of servers under the sea with the aim of boosting internet speeds and improving environmental sustainability. While the dangerous mix of electronics and water may set off instant alarm bells, Microsoft insists it is not a lethal combination and says that the marine industry ...

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US military killed almost 500 civilians in 2017 – Pentagon report

The Pentagon has told Congress that the US military killed almost 500 civilians and injured a further 169 in 2017. The civilians were killed in operations around the world, from Somalia to Yemen to Syria. “[The Department of Defense] assesses that there are credible reports of approximately 499 civilians killed and approximately 169 civilians injured during 2017,” reads the Pentagon’s ...

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Almost 80 percent of Russians say they are not affected by Western sanctions

The vast majority of Russians, 78 percent, say they have not encountered any serious problems due to sanctions imposed on their country by the US and its allies, a poll has found. 42 percent of respondents said that they were not overly concerned with the issue. The poll by the independent Russian public opinion research center, Levada, revealed that when ...

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Rockefeller estate auction breaks world record, raises almost $1bn

The three-day auction of Peggy and David Rockefeller’s art collection set 22 world records at Christie’s in New York. The priciest single-owner collection ever well exceeded initial expectations. All of the more than 1,500 lots have been sold, fetching a total of $ 832 million. That’s about twice the previous record of $ 484 million from a 2009 Paris sale ...

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Alibaba beats expectations in Q4, with revenue hitting almost $10bn

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has reported better-than-projected earnings in the January-to-March quarter. Revenue climbed 61 percent to 61.9 billion yuan ($ 9.7 billion), boosted by steady sales in the firm’s core businesses. “Alibaba Group had an excellent quarter and fiscal year, driven by robust growth in our core commerce business and investments we have made over the past several years ...

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