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High alert: Floodwaters rise in Paris amid warnings of further deluge (PHOTOS)

Some 20 flood warnings have been issued for Paris and surrounding areas, with French authorities putting residents and businesses along the capital’s River Seine on high alert over rising floodwaters. READ MORE: Going nuts for Nutella: French shoppers ‘riot’ over hazelnut spread (VIDEOS) The water level is already nearly on a par with the floods of 2016, when the Seine ...

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Can you dig it? Davos 'Masters of the Universe' bogged down under avalanche alert

Members of the World Economic Forum assembling in the quaint Alpine town of Davos for their annual talk found themselves deep in snow on Tuesday, causing delays and other inconveniences as the four-day meeting kicked off. For the 2,500 wealthy movers and shakers who ascended on the scenic valley town in Switzerland, the primary issue on their minds was suddenly ...

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Oops… Hawaii governor was late in retracting false missile alert because he ‘forgot’ Twitter logon

Governor of Hawaii David Ige failed to avert moments of horror for citizens caused by a false ballistic missile alert as he did not know the login and password for his Twitter account, local media have reported. On January 13, an emergency alert of an incoming ballistic missile and calls to seek shelter caused panic among Hawaii residents. It took ...

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Last supper? Alert in Japan as deadly fugu fish sold by mistake in supermarket

A city in Japan has issued an emergency warning after a supermarket sold fugu fish without removing its poisonous liver. Eating it could potentially end up in paralysis, coma, or death. At least five packages with the life-threatening fish were sold in the city of Gamagori, central Japan, local media report. “We are calling for residents to avoid eating fugu, ...

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Chicago airport issues measles alert days after exposure

Passengers at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport were exposed to the measles, according to state health officials, who confirmed an international traveler arrived in the US with the highly contagious disease. On Sunday, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) released a measles alert, warning travelers that an individual with a confirmed case of the measles arrived at Chicago O’Hare International ...

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Philippines volcano alert raised to ‘critical,’ eruption possible ‘within days’ (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The Philippines has raised the alert level for the Mount Mayon volcano to level 3, which is considered “critical.” The country’s volcanologists have warned a hazardous eruption is now possible “within weeks or even within days.” The volcano has been spewing ash into the atmosphere for the past two days and showed a bright crater glow on Sunday, forcing the ...

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Hawaiians run for shelter, leave messages for loved ones after ‘accidental’ missile alert (VIDEOS)

People in Hawaii and their friends and relatives across the US endured 38 minutes of horror after an “accidental” warning of an incoming missile sent them running for shelter, with many sending their goodbyes to loved ones. The emergency alert issued by Hawaii Civil Defense on Saturday sparked panic and confusion, both on the ground and on social media. It ...

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‘Whole state was terrified’: Hawaii urges ‘tough & quick’ reprisal for bogus missile alert

After the entire state of Hawaii suffered an almighty scare over an imminent missile attack warning, angry officials and the public are calling for “tough and quick accountability” for the “totally inexcusable” mishap. “The whole state was terrified,” said Hawaiian US senator Brian Schatz following the false alarm on Saturday morning, which went uncorrected for 38 minutes. He called for ...

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‘You may be infected’: Measles alert at Newark Airport as highly contagious disease case confirmed

Passengers who traveled through Newark Airport in New Jersey were issued a measles exposure warning on Friday after the Department of Health confirmed one person with the highly contagious disease had been there ten days ago. “On January 2, 2018, an international traveler with a confirmed case of measles—a highly contagious disease—arrived in Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport ...

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‘This is not a drill’: Hawaii gets ballistic missile alert ‘by mistake’

Published time: 13 Jan, 2018 18:49 Edited time: 13 Jan, 2018 18:58 A text warning of an imminent incoming ballistic missile, which urged residents to “seek immediate shelter” was “accidentally” issued by Hawaii Civil Defense, briefly stirring panic and confusion on social media. DETAILS TO FOLLOW HAWAII – THIS IS A FALSE ALARM. THERE IS NO INCOMING MISSILE TO HAWAII. ...

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