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Hawaii ‘laze’ alert: Even lava cooling in the sea is horrendously dangerous (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Hawaii residents are facing a new threat from the Kilauea volcano as lava has begun to flow into the ocean, creating an acutely acidic side-product called ‘laze.’ Laze, incorporating the words ‘lava’ and ‘haze,’ is a mix of hydrochloric acid, steam and fine glass particles. It is created when super-hot lava hits the cooler sea water. It can cause lung, ...

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Red alert: Hawaii volcano threatens nearby air traffic (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Ash and fiery projectiles exploding from the Kilauea volcano have forced Hawaii authorities to issue an aviation red alert warning pilots to steer clear of the erupting shield crater. Scores of people living near the volcano’s Halemaumau summit crater have already been evacuated. Now increased volcanic activity and a rising wall of ash has compelled the US Geological Survey to ...

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‘Red Alert’: Democrats file bid to restore net neutrality rule

Senate Democrats have filed a petition to restore the recently repealed 2015 net neutrality rule. The campaign is supported by Reddit, Imgur, Vimeo, Mozilla, Tumblr, Tinder and PornHub, among others. Fifty senators signed the petition to reverse the repeal of net neutrality, including all 48 Democrats, one independent, and one Republican. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted along party lines ...

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IDF issues emergency ‘report for duty’ alert to reservists by accident

Israeli army reservists were likely dealt quite a shock when they received an emergency alert ordering them to report for duty Thursday morning. Luckily for them, the urgent message was sent in error. The automated notice had been sent out during the country’s independence day celebrations, according to reports. The message read: “You are to report immediately to the meeting ...

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Apple starting to alert users that it will end 32-bit app support on the Mac

Tomorrow at midnight PT, Apple will begin issuing an alert box when you open a 32-bit app in MacOS 10.13.4. It’s a one-time (per app) alert, designed to help MacOS make the full transition to 64-bit. At some unspecified time in the future, the operating system will end its support for 32-bit technology… meaning those apps that haven’t been updated ...

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Red alert: Jupiter’s ancient storm turning orange & changing shape (VIDEO)

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot has been shrinking for 150 years but scientists studying the enormous swirling storm have discovered that the iconic spot is changing color. It’s also growing longer. The storm, which has been monitored since 1830, was once big enough to swallow three Earths, however it could now only fit one. This drastic reduction has left scientists unsure about ...

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Nuclear alert? Belgium distributes millions of iodine pills, yet claims ‘no risk’

Belgium has started distributing iodine pills free for all citizens, claiming the measure was not prompted by any “specific risk.” Pharmacies have begun receiving some of the 4.5 million boxes of iodine pills, which have been available for citizens for free since Tuesday, it was revealed during the presentation of a new plan in case on nuclear emergency. READ MORE: ...

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US Embassy in Montenegro issues ‘active security situation’ alert after reported ‘grenade attack’

The US mission in the capital of Montenegro has urged people to avoid the area amid unconfirmed reports of a grenade attack in the vicinity of the diplomatic premises. “The US Embassy in Podgorica advises US citizens there is an active security situation at the US Embassy in Podgorica,” the US embassy in Montenegro said. “Avoid the Embassy until further ...

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High alert: Floodwaters rise in Paris amid warnings of further deluge (PHOTOS)

Some 20 flood warnings have been issued for Paris and surrounding areas, with French authorities putting residents and businesses along the capital’s River Seine on high alert over rising floodwaters. READ MORE: Going nuts for Nutella: French shoppers ‘riot’ over hazelnut spread (VIDEOS) The water level is already nearly on a par with the floods of 2016, when the Seine ...

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Can you dig it? Davos 'Masters of the Universe' bogged down under avalanche alert

Members of the World Economic Forum assembling in the quaint Alpine town of Davos for their annual talk found themselves deep in snow on Tuesday, causing delays and other inconveniences as the four-day meeting kicked off. For the 2,500 wealthy movers and shakers who ascended on the scenic valley town in Switzerland, the primary issue on their minds was suddenly ...

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