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Evacuation at Miami International Airport over 'suspicious item'

Published time: 19 Nov, 2017 02:23 Edited time: 19 Nov, 2017 02:46 Police evacuated Concourse J of Miami International Airport after a suspicious object was discovered there. The all-clear was announced after a brief investigation by police. The incident affected roadway traffic and flights, the airport stated in a tweet. No information has been released on the nature or contents of ...

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Pilot arrested for carrying loaded gun in his carry-on in St. Louis airport

Published time: 15 Nov, 2017 23:32 A Southwest Airlines pilot has been detained in St. Louis Lambert International Airport after security officers spotted a loaded firearm in his carry-on luggage, according to the airport’s statement. A 51-year-old airline pilot was detained early Wednesday morning for unlawful use of a weapon as he was heading to board his Las Vegas-bound flight, ...

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Plane’s engine bursts into flames as it lands at Seattle airport (VIDEO)

Published time: 8 Nov, 2017 09:08 A dramatic video has emerged on social media showing a Hawaiian Airlines plane’s engine catching fire upon landing at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Seattle. The footage shows flames coming out of the aircraft’s engine. The incident took place on Tuesday night, the airport said in a statement on Twitter. The aircraft landed safely and ...

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7yo sneaks past Swiss airport security & boards plane without ticket

Published time: 1 Nov, 2017 14:13 A seven-year-old girl boarded a plane on her own after breezing through security without a ticket at Geneva Airport. Prior to that, the little runaway had travelled solo on a train to her destination. The child apparently got lost near Geneva’s central railway station on Sunday. Her parents immediately called the police, but the ...

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Alaska problems: Seal blocks airport runway while ‘sunbathing’ (PHOTO)

Published time: 29 Oct, 2017 20:52 A bizarre flight hazard turned up on an Alaskan runway recently… in the form of a bearded seal. The 450-pound animal was spotted on the tarmac the Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport in Utqiagvik Monday, potentially posing a dangerous speed bump for incoming aircraft. The airstrip is the furthest north in the US territories ...

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Heathrow Airport security files found on USB stick dumped in the street – report

Published time: 29 Oct, 2017 16:49 Heathrow Airport is investigating how a USB stick with over 170 documents, some of them relating to its security system, ended up on a sidewalk in west London. The stick was handed over to the Mirror newspaper by a man who says he found it in the street. Commenting on the find on Sunday, ...

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The Case of the Thief in a Case: Man hides in bag to steal from airport bus

Published time: 17 Oct, 2017 21:56 A Romanian man has been sent to prison after French police found him hiding inside a suitcase on the bus from the Beauvais airport to Paris, pilfering the passengers’ possessions. Border police found Sebastian Radu, who stands 1.70 meters tall, curled up in a brown suitcase along with two stolen laptops, cash and other ...

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Man shot by police at Miami International Airport

A man armed with a knife was shot at Miami international Airport following a confrontation with a Miami-Dade police officer, according to authorities. The conflict unfolded Thursday night and prompted the evacuation of Terminal J, CBS Miami reported. The airport confirmed there was a “security incident involving a single suspect & @MiamiDadePD.”  A man armed with a knife was reportedly ...

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BREAKING: Airport evacuated after bomb alert in holiday hotspot

Bastia-Poretta Airport on the French island was cleared due to an “abandoned bag”, according to witnesses.  One traveller tweeted the evacuation had taken just two minutes, adding: “Bravo!” Another Twitter user reported an “explosion”, possibly a controlled detonation.  The evacuation was sparked by an unattended bag within the terminal.  The incident began at shortly before 5pm this evening and is ...

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Man busted with 'magic coins' for Trump at Newark Airport

President Trump doesn’t need any money — but he could use some magic coins, an unhinged man said Saturday after he was found at Newark Airport with a package of bizarre keepsakes for the commander-in-chief, sources said. Robert Matay, 45, first attracted the attention of Port Authority cops when they spotted him parked in a no standing zone at Newark ...

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