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Florida student jumps airport fence, tries to steal American Airlines passenger jet

A student pilot has been arrested after he allegedly hopped a security fence, boarded and tried to steal an American Airlines passenger jet from the Orlando Melbourne International Airport in Florida. Nishal Sankat, 22, is said to have approached the airport by car and leapt over a security fence around 2am on Thursday morning. From there, he quickly crossed the ...

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US airlines scramble to change Taiwan reference ahead of deadline set by China

Four major US airline carriers are making an eleventh-hour effort to change the way they refer to Taiwan on their websites, to reflect China’s mandated claim over the island’s sovereignty. American Airlines Group Inc. became the latest US carrier that opted to comply with Beijing’s directive, which urged flight operators across the world not to refer to Taiwan as a ...

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‘Erratic’ woman removed from Spirit Airlines flight in apparent PTSD-triggered episode (VIDEO)

A distressed veteran suffering from PTSD was removed from a Spirit Airlines flight after it was diverted to Minnesota for a medical emergency. The incident took place after the Houston-bound flight landed in Rochester International Airport. The woman in question, who is believed to be a military veteran, became panicked and wanted to get off the plane. Video footage taken ...

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Hail storm shatters American Airlines plane, prompts emergency landing (PHOTO)

Published time: 5 Jun, 2018 08:51 Mother Nature’s wrath came down on an American Airlines plane after a hail storm shattered its windshield and damaged its nose cone, forcing the aircraft to make an emergency landing. American Airlines flight AA1897, which departed from San Antonio just after midnight on Sunday, was only in the air for one hour before the ...

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US targets Iran with fresh sanctions against airlines

The US Treasury Department has hit Iran with new and heavy sanctions. They target several Iranian airlines that the US claims were delivering weapons to proxy forces in Syria and Lebanon. Iran will be “battling to keep its economy alive” after the latest sanctions, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a speech in Washington on Monday. Pompeo demanded ...

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Turkish airlines plane tail smashed in dramatic collision at Istanbul Intl’ Airport (VIDEO)

A dramatic collision took place at Istanbul-Ataturk International Airport, as a South Korean Asiana passenger plane sliced into the tail of a Turkish Airlines plane while taxiing on the runaway. Footage has emerged showing the moment the two planes collided on Sunday. The South Korean Asiana A330 airplane, which was heading for Seoul, can be seen making its way to ...

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Police taze ‘combative’ American Airlines passenger (VIDEO)

A ‘disruptive’ air passenger was tazed multiple times on board an American Airlines flight Sunday after he refused to be escorted from the plane by police. The incident was filmed by an eye-witness as passengers were boarding American Airlines flight 2446 from Miami to Chicago O’Hare. Footage shows a man remonstrating with Miami police officers in the aisle of the ...

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Alaska Airlines chucked Down syndrome teen off flight after he vomited

A family was booted off an Alaska Airlines flight and stranded at the airport after their son with Down syndrome was sick before boarding. The company says he posed a health risk.   The family was traveling to Seattle from St. Louis on Monday after an Easter trip, when Alaska Airline attendants demanded they disembark the plane. “After boarding the ...

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Flying high: Russia's Aeroflot makes eDreams’ top 10 full-service airlines

Russia’s leading airline Aeroflot has entered the list of the world’s most popular carriers, according to a survey conducted by airline booking platform, eDreams, based on 60,000 passenger reviews. Aeroflot was ranked eighth, surpassing Air France and TAP Portugal. The state-run carrier reportedly received high marks from foreign travelers based on four major characteristics: comfort, flight check-in, onboard service and ...

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75% of mid-flight pet deaths in US were on United Airlines in 2017

Eighteen out of 24 pets who died on domestic US flights last year were carried by United Airlines. The latest tragedy came on Monday, when two passengers were forced to put their puppy in an overhead locker. Data from the US Department of Transportation showed United, whose slogan is “Fly the Friendly Skies,” was the least pet-friendly of all domestic ...

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