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‘Serial killer’ suspect arrested after four murders, he’s border patrol agent

A US border patrol agent who authorities called ‘serial killer’ has confessed to four murders after his arrest. Police say all his female victims were prostitutes. Juan Davis Ortiz, 35, a former US Navy vet, who has been with the US Border Patrol for 10 years was captured by the state troopers on Saturday  in Laredo, a Texas city on ...

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Accused ‘Russian agent’ Butina didn’t offer sex for job, prosecutors admit

US prosecutors have admitted that they wrongly accused Maria Butina, the Russian gun activist jailed in the US on charges of being an unregistered “foreign agent,” of offering sex in exchange for a job. Days after Butina was arrested in July, Assistant US Attorney Erik M. Kenerson claimed she was offering an individual “sex in exchange for a position within ...

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Vietnam demands Monsanto compensate Agent Orange victims after California cancer ruling precedent

Following the unprecedented $ 289mn verdict against Monsanto in California, Hanoi is seeking justice for victims of exposure to the Agent Orange – the notorious chemical the firm supplied to the US military during the Vietnam War. After a San Francisco jury proved Monsanto not invincible and ordered the chemical giant to pay $ 289 million to a school worker ...

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Super-hawk John Bolton and ‘Agent Butina’ connection is the Democrats’ new Russiagate target

More than eighteen months into Russiagate and with little evidence of ‘collusion’ between Donald Trump and Russia coming to light, Democrats seem to be scrambling for wins — and no one appears to be off-limits. The latest target is none other than Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton, who until this point has been widely regarded in liberal and media ...

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Accused ‘Russian agent’ Butina subjected to excessive strip searches in US jail – embassy

The Russian embassy in the US has accused American authorities of subjecting jailed Russian gun activist and ‘agent’ Maria Butina to cruel and inhumane treatment, including unwarranted strip searches. Butina was arrested and detained in Washington DC in July on espionage charges. The 29-year old is accused of acting as an agent of the Russian government without informing the US ...

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Agent bear: Russia’s FSB enlists animals as ‘strategic resource’

Russian brown bears may soon become an item in the budget of Federal Security Bureau (FSB), the domestic successor to the soviet KGB, which wants to designate them a national treasure. KGB and bears you say? It’s not exactly what one might be tempted to think. The initiative wants to place bears on a list of official “strategic goods and ...

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US charges Russian gun activist Butina with acting as agent of foreign government

A US grand jury expanded the indictment against Russian citizen Maria Butina, arrested on Sunday in Washington and charged with conspiracy to act as a foreign agent, to include charges of her actually acting on behalf of Moscow. On Tuesday, the Department of Justice added another charge against Butina, 29, a Russian gun activist who is currently awaiting a hearing ...

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Traces of chemical weapons agent found in shrimp in Sweden

Traces of a chemical warfare agent were found in shrimp caught near the Swedish island of Maseskar, where 28 ships with chemical and other weapons were sunk by the allies after World War II, the Swedish National Water Agency said. “We’re talking about a very low concentration [of chemicals], which isn’t considered dangerous for consumers, but these are substances that ...

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FBI agent who shot a man while showing dance moves at Denver nightclub allowed to carry weapon again

An FBI agent charged with second-degree assault, after accidentally shooting and wounding a person while performing his dance moves, may still carry a gun on and off duty, a court in Denver has ruled. Chase Bishop, 29, shot to nationwide fame on June 2 during a dance battle at the Mile High Spirits club in Denver, Colorado where his federally ...

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Patriotic’ agent dumps James Woods on Independence Day over apparent political differences

Actor James Woods says he was dumped as a client by his “political liberal” agent in an email on Independence Day, which explained that the agent was “feeling patriotic.” Woods, 71, made the announcement on Twitter and included screenshots of the email correspondence between him and agent Ken Kaplan over the July-4 holiday. Kaplan, whose clients also include Kristen Stewart ...

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