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Sanctions against Russia are 'absurd' & harm Italian industry – Northern League leader

The EU’s anti-Russia sanctions are “absurd” and are causing “immeasurable harm” to Italy’s economy, the leader of the Northern League party said, calling for an end to the economic restrictions. Matteo Salvini, who has been the leader of Italy’s right-wing Northern League party since 2013, took to social media to slam the sanctions on Monday. “I hope to be in ...

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‘The EU must be grateful’: Turkish PM says Ankara serves as bulwark against terrorism

The West should be grateful to Ankara for stopping terrorists from entering the EU, Turkey’s prime minister has said, following criticism from the bloc regarding the country’s offensive against Kurdish groups in Syria. Read more Binali Yildirim said the European Union would likely face serious problems if Turkey stopped preventing migrants from pouring into Europe. “The EU must be grateful ...

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Duma mulls sanctions against Latvia over new law targeting Russian in schools

The Russian lower house has passed a statement decrying as “inadmissible” the Latvian ban on teaching in minorities’ languages in schools. The statement also warns Riga of potential reciprocal economic sanctions. The statement approved by the State Duma on Tuesday reads that the Latvian authorities’ actions contradicted the mutual respect, understanding and cooperation between all people who live in the ...

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Oracle wins appeal against Google in copyright case

If you thought the Oracle v. Google saga</a> was over at last, we have some bad news for you. On Tuesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit breathed new life into the case, ruling that Google violated copyright law when it used Oracle’s Java APIs to create the Android mobile operating system. You can read the full ...

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Russian election boss plans to use blockchain to protect polls against rigging

The head of Russia’s Central Election Commission has revealed plans to introduce a blockchain-based system that would be protected from hacking and rigging, and which would be more convenient for voters. “I will discuss this issue with the president … there is a public demand for it. We have refurbished everything we could before the latest election, but now as ...

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‘Wave of Russian diplomat expulsions is coordinated political warfare against Moscow’

The pressure on Moscow over its alleged footprint in Sergei Skripal’s poisoning, including the coordinated expulsion of diplomats, amounts to “political warfare” against Russia and is a clear case “hysteria,” RT has been told. Retired UK diplomat Peter Ford also thinks it’s the elites clutching onto power as they face more internal opposition. “The scale of it is surprising indeed, but ...

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Croatian conservatives march against transgender rights in Zagreb

Thousands of conservative Croatian protesters have taken to the streets of Zagreb to speak out against a treaty designed to combat violence against women. Activists are unhappy that the legislation provides for transgender people. READ MORE: Trans people labelled ‘parasites’ & an obstacle to feminism during Parliament event Protesters sang songs as they marched through the Croatian capital, chanting slogans ...

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Russian-speaking minority in Latvia protests against new legislative attack on their identity

Latvia’s largest opposition party has called for the reversal of education reforms that threaten Russian-language classes in the country’s schools, claiming they contradict the national constitution and international convention. The Social Democratic Party, called “Harmony,” represents the interests of Russian speakers that constitute up to 40 percent of Latvia’s population. The call to reverse the education reforms was made to ...

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Facebook ‘hypocrites’ working against online privacy law – campaigner

Tech giants including Facebook and Google are pumping millions of dollars into halting new laws in California which would expand online privacy protections. Campaigners hope this week’s revelations will force a Facebook climbdown. As Facebook’s share price tumbled this week following the Cambridge Analytica debacle the the chief supporter of the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 accused the Silicon ...

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