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Storm Michael: Midterm campaigning in disarray after Florida governor declares state of emergency

Florida has declared a state of emergency in anticipation of Tropical Storm Michael which is due to hit the US coast next week. The cyclone has already affected some of the campaign trails of the 2018 midterm election hopefuls. On Sunday, Republican Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in 26 counties in the Florida Panhandle and in Big ...

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Monkey bus-ness: Driver in India suspended after letting animal behind the wheel (VIDEO)

Have you ever seen a monkey steering the wheel of a bus? This video of a fury little driver may be amusing, but not so much to the authorities in India, who suspended the actual driver who let the animal ‘control’ the vehicle. The incident took place in the southeastern Indian state of Karnataka on Monday. However, the authorities only ...

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Suspect at large after West bank ‘terrorist attack’, 2 reportedly killed

Published time: 7 Oct, 2018 09:26 Israeli forces launched manhunt for a suspected shooter after he opened fire at a Barkan Industrial Park. The incident, branded by the IDF a “terrorist attack” reportedly killed two people and injured one more. Two of the three victims of the shooting succumbed to their injuries, Israeli media reported citing the Israeli Defense Forces ...

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US to send Israel more F-35s after Moscow supplies S-300s to Syria – reports

The US will reportedly provide Israel with more F-35s after Russia supplied Syria with S-300 missile systems. Moscow’s move came in response to the downing of a Russian military plane, which it partly blamed on Israel. US President Donald Trump decided to lend a hand to America’s most devoted ally following consultations at the “highest administration and military levels,” DEBKAfile, ...

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‘Eat snow & pray’: Helicopter pilot rescued after four nights stranded on freezing mountain

A helicopter pilot has survived four days on a snowy mountain without food or water, jogging around the ruined helicopter wreckage, doing pushups, and eating snow to stay alive in Russia’s coldest region. Alexander Novoseltsev was flying his Robinson helicopter from Srednekolymsk, a town in the north east of Russia, to Yakutsk, the capital of Russia’s Sakha Republic – notorious ...

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Senator Flake’s office surrounded by protesters after Kavanaugh vote

After voting in favor of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) saw his office surrounded by protesters as opposition to President Trump’s SCOTUS pick is making the last ditch effort to swing the vote. Flake had been undecided on Kavanaugh, but gave the judge his blessing during Friday’s tight cloture vote, helping Kavanaugh’s nomination win a 51-49 ...

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'Unluckiest man’: Pakistani ice cream seller discovers billions in bank account… after it’s gone

A Pakistani ice cream seller says he is the “unluckiest man in the world” as he only discovered he was the owner of a bank account worth billions once the funds had already been withdrawn. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Sunday froze the bank account of Abdul Qadir from Karachi, after 2.25 billion rupees ($ 27mn) was found sitting ...

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Godfather of ‘God particle’ dies after selling Nobel medal to pay medical expenses

Nobel Prize Winner Leon Lederman, credited with coining the term ‘The God Particle’, has passed away at the age of 96, having been forced to sell his medal to cover his medical expenses. READ MORE: Harvard physicists say they know how and, roughly, when the world will end Born in 1922, Lederman earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry before serving for ...

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‘Now, it’s the Netherlands’ turn‘: Moscow slams ‘anti-Russia campaign’ after OPCW hacking claims

The Netherlands’ claims that four Russians targeted the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) back in April, are yet another part of the ongoing campaign against Moscow, top Russian officials have said. “Synchronous reaction from the West – apart from the UK Foreign Office, Dutch Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg weighed in – ...

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Russian police fire air shots after Ingushetians gather to protest new Chechnya border deal

Security forces fired into the air to disperse thousands of demonstrators in the main square of Magas, capital of Russia’s Caucasian republic of Ingushetia, protesting what they say is an unfair border deal with neighbor Chechnya. Police said that 2,000 people gathered for Thursday’s unsanctioned demonstration outside the regional government building, some on horseback and carrying Ingushetia flags, in opposition ...

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