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‘You still owe us $1,400’: Woman dependent on oxygen tank dies after provider cuts off electricity

New Jersey authorities are investigating the circumstances of the tragic death of an elderly woman who was reliant on an oxygen tank and suffered a heart failure after her electricity provider cut off the power supply to her home. Linda Daniels, 68, battled for her life for roughly six hours in her Newark residence desperately trying to gasp for air ...

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‘The Kremlin pays him’: The Intercept’s Greenwald attacked by MSM after Moscow trip

The Intercept’s Glen Greenwald, who said his visit to Russia was partially meant to combat a toxic McCarthyist environment in the US, has found himself on the receiving end of just such a hysteria. Mainstream media pundits and ‘Russiagaters’ have been up in arms after Greenwald’s trip to Russia, which included taking part in an expert panel on “fake news” ...

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At least 80 killed, dozens still missing after freak rain devours western Japan (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Record-breaking torrential rain in the west of Japan has claimed at least 80 lives, while dozens remain missing. Over 50,000 rescuers have been deployed to the area, where hundreds of people remain stranded. The rain triggered massive landslides and heavy flooding, with many houses becoming damaged and submerged up to their rooftops. The bad weather unfolded earlier this week as ...

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Man dies after falling 300 meters from Sydney tower ‘skywalk’

One of Australia’s most dizzying tourist attractions, the Sydney Tower, has been shut down after a man reportedly jumped to his death from the 305-meter skyscraper. Famed for its observation deck and skywalk tours, the Sydney Tower is the second tallest building of its kind in the southern hemisphere. According to Australia’s Seven News, a man took his own life ...

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Several dead, injured after train derailed in Turkey – reports

Published time: 8 Jul, 2018 16:45 Edited time: 8 Jul, 2018 16:58 A passenger train has derailed in northwest Turkey, leading to deaths and injuries, according to local media reports. Emergency services have been dispatched to the scene. The incident occurred when five carriages of the train, carrying 300 people, came off the tracks near the Greek border, according to ...

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‘Racial profiling’: Man fired after calling police on black neighbor at pool (VIDEO)

The holiday spirit was in short supply at a community swimming pool in North Carolina on July 4, where a black woman claims she was racially profiled by a neighbor who called the police after she questioned his request for ID. Jasmine Edwards filmed the bizarre incident at a private pool in Winston-Salem. She says she was reported to the ...

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Beach woman mystery: 53yo found alive on coast 18 months after being dragged into ocean

A missing woman, who was presumed drowned for the last 18 months, has turned up alive on an Indonesian beach wearing exactly the same clothes from the day she disappeared. READ MORE: Bomb threat joke causes panicked passengers to leap from plane wing (VIDEO) Mystery surrounds the reappearance of 53-year-old Nining Sunarsih, who was pulled into the sea by a ...

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18 wheeler-truck marooned on beach after taking wrong turn (VIDEO)

Video footage has captured the travails of a hapless truck driver who ended up marooned on a North Carolina beach after taking a wrong turn. The 18-wheeler truck-trailer got into trouble on North Carolina’s Corolla beach near Outer Banks this week. According to local news outlet WVEC-TV, the driver made an error following directions and ended up in the unfortunate ...

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Twitter accuses Republican senators of defiling America after spending July 4 in Moscow

A group of Republican senators have been accused of treason after spending July 4 in Moscow. Real patriots spend Independence Day eating potato salad on US soil, according to astute Twitter users. The Republican congressional delegation, headed by Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama, arrived in Russia on June 30 for high-level talks ahead of a planned summit between US President ...

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Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom closer to US extradition after losing 3rd appeal in NZ

New Zealand has moved a step closer toward extraditing Kim Dotcom, after the Court of Appeal ruled on Thursday in favor of the US case. Dotcom has vowed to fight the decision, saying “it has the value of toilet paper.” Thursday’s loss has become the third in line for Internet entrepreneur Dotcom. Earlier, his appeal was rejected consecutively by New ...

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