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‘NATO leaders thanked me for bringing them together,’ says Trump after contentious talks in Brussels

US President Donald Trump claims he got many calls from NATO leaders thanking him for bringing them together during a tense summit in Brussels last week. He also changed his tune towards the bloc, moving from disdain to praise. “We had a truly great summit that was inaccurately covered by much of the media. NATO is now strong and rich!” ...

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‘Murderers!’ Violent protests erupt after Chicago police shoot armed man (VIDEOS)

Violent protests broke out in Chicago, prompting several arrests, after a police officer fatally shot an armed man on Saturday evening following a brief confrontation. Protesters and police faced each other in a heated stand-off at the cordoned-off scene in the predominantly black South Shore neighborhood after a man was shot by an officer. Angry locals chanted “Murderers!” at police ...

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‘It’s okay, she’ll be 16 soon’: Dallas man charged after telling cop about 15yo ‘wife’

A Dallas man had a bizarre explanation for why he was with a 15-year-old girl after falling foul of the law for parking in a disabled parking space – the girl was his wife, he reportedly told police. READ MORE:Texas woman sentenced to 40yrs in prison for pimping out her 2yo daughter Jose Nahun Lopez-Cruz, 24, offered the confession after ...

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Woman found alive 1 week after driving off a California cliff

In a survival story fit for Hollywood, a woman has been found alive a week after she plunged off a California cliff in her jeep. The woman survived by drinking her wrecked car’s radiator water until she was discovered by hikers. Angela Hernandez, 23, was found on Friday after hikers noticed her Jeep Patriot SUV partially submerged at the bottom ...

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Elon Musk faces online wrath after being exposed as Republican PAC donor

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is facing criticism over his environmental stance after donating $ 38,900 to a Republican PAC, which is lobbying for the GOP to retain control of Congress ahead of the midterm election. Federal Election Commission filings, which were released on Saturday, showed Musk to be among the top 50 donors to Protect The House, a ...

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Man suspected of growing weed in the wild dies after being bulldozed by law enforcement officers

A Pennsylvania trooper and a game officer accidentally bulldozed a suspected cannabis grower during a hot pursuit through a field. The USA’s largest marijuana advocacy group has questioned police tactics after the tragic death. The bizarre and tragic incident unfolded on Monday morning when a Pennsylvania Game Commission employee, operating a bulldozer, noticed a car parked in a field on ...

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Israeli minister wants to close embassy in Ireland after vote to ban imports of settlement goods

Israel’s defense minister has called for its embassy in Ireland to be closed after the country proposed a law that would ban the importation of goods produced in illegal Israeli settlements. READ MORE: ‘You can’t fend off terrorists with pizza trays’: Israel reportedly plans relaxing gun laws Despite opposition from the Irish government, the Control of Economic Activities (Occupied Territories) ...

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Empowerment or hypocrisy? Scarlett Johansson quits trans role after public backlash

After a backlash from the trans community Scarlett Johansson has dropped out of a film in which she was to play a trans woman. The decision sparked a flood of reaction with some questioning if it’s excessive political correctness. Johansson had been cast in the film ‘Rug & Tug’ as crime lord Dante ‘Tex’ Gill, a real-life brothel owner who ...

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Vaping Air China co-pilot fired after causing plane to plummet 6,000 meters

Investigators have revealed that passengers on an Air China flight endured a gut wrenching 19,600 feet plummet because the plane’s co-pilot needed to get his tobacco fix. READ MORE: Plane plummets 25,000ft mid-flight after pilots reportedly smoked in cockpit Oxygen masks fell from the cabin ceiling as flight CA106 from Hong Kong to Dalian suffered the sharp loss of altitude ...

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S. Korea summons Russian officials after scrambling jets to escort Russian planes

South Korean defense and foreign offices summoned Russian officials after its air force were dispatched to warn Russian bombers of entering its air defense zone. Moscow says the planes were flying over the international waters. Russia’s defense ministry confirmed that South Korean planes escorted two Tu-95MS strategic bombers and Su-35S aircraft as they conducted a regular flight over “neutral waters” ...

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