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Britain’s first cyborg shop assistant fired for incompetence after 1st week

The UK’s first cyborg shop assistant was fired after a week due to “incompetence,” suggesting the much-feared AI takeover may still be some way off. Fabio, the Pepper robot, produced by Japanese company Softbank, was hired as a retail assistant at a Margiotta supermarket in Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of an experiment run by Heriot-Watt University for the BBC documentary ...

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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles fans go wild after team secures Super Bowl spot

Philadelphia Eagles fans broke into wild celebrations after their team won the NFC Championship on Sunday, dismantling the Minnesota Vikings on their way to the Super Bowl. Passionate Eagles fans confirmed their status as some of the most raucous NFL supporters once again by clashing with police hours before the start of the game at their home Lincoln Financial Field. ...

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Last thing Syria needs after beating ISIS is another conflict – German FM on Turkish op

Germany’s foreign minister has spoken out about the Turkish operation in Afrin, saying the last thing Syria needs after its fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) is a new military confrontation. “We have been monitoring the developments in northern Syria with concern. The military confrontation between Turkey and the Kurdish forces carries risks that are inestimable,” Sigmar Gabriel said, ...

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‘After Afrin, Americans feel threatened by Turkey’s vow to strike US-backed Kurds in Manbij’

With Turkish forces bombing Kurdish positions in Syria’s Afrin region and saying the next target is Manbij, controlled by US-backed Kurdish militia, Washington is starting to feel the heat, Middle East expert Ammar Waqqaf told RT. As Turkey began its military campaign in northern Syria, the lack of US action came as little surprise, said Waqqaf, the director of the ...

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GOP  demand #ReleaseTheMemo on ‘shocking’ FISA abuses (after supporting surveillance law)  

Republican lawmakers demand the public release of a classified memo detailing Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuses under the Obama administration. The move comes as lawmakers reauthorized government surveillance powers. The House Intelligence Committee passed the motion introduced by Rep. Peter King (R-New York) Thursday. The measure was voted on along party lines, with all Democrats voting against the motion to ...

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‘No dessert until you eat your cricket’: Insects set to enter menus after EU ruling

Insect-based snacks could soon swarm the European market after new regulations came into force this month – bringing creepy crawly menus one step closer to reality. It’s estimated that at least 2 billion people on the planet currently incorporate insects into their diet. However, Europe is still regarded as being in the nascent stages of embracing entomophagy, the practice of ...

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Football icon Pele hospitalized after collapse in Brazil

Brazilian football legend Pele has been rushed to hospital after collapsing in his homeland due to “severe exhaustion” on Thursday. The three-time World Cup winner, 77, was scheduled to attend the Football Writers Association (FWA) Tribute Night in London on Sunday where he was due to be honored. Instead he will remain in hospital under the careful supervision of doctors. ...

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