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White House chopper mechanic busted with crystal meth after calling the cops on himself

A mechanic who maintains the White House’s fleet of helicopters has been busted with methamphetamine, after he called the cops while under the influence, thinking his house was being broken into. Read more The high-flying Heisenberg, 30-year-old Cody Haynes, called police to his Florida home on Wednesday night, reporting an armed intruder. When police arrived, Haynes told them that three ...

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Gender X: Netherlands issues its first gender-neutral passport after govt loses court battle

The Netherlands has issued its first gender-neutral passport after an ‘intersex’ Dutch-person successfully argued that prohibiting citizens from registering as gender neutral amounted to a violation of “self-determination.” Read more Leonne Zeegers, 57, received a passport that identifies her gender as ‘X’, after winning a lawsuit against the government. The Dutch court sided with Zeegers, who claimed that prohibiting a ...

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Ecuador expels Venezuelan ambassador after minister in Caracas called Moreno a ‘liar’

Ecuador’s Foreign Minister has ordered Venezuelan Ambassador Carol Delgado to leave the country over ‘offensive statements’ made by the country’s communication minister about Ecuador’s president Lenín Moreno. The Venezuelan minister Jorge Rodríguez on Wednesday accused the Ecuadorean president of inflating the number of refugees arriving across the border from Venezuela. Quito said it “will not tolerate any sign of disrespect ...

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Fined for discrimination: School ordered to pay after student excluded for her pink hair

A school in the Russian city of Perm, and its director, have been slapped with fines after a court found their suspension of a student, on the grounds that her hair was dyed pink, amounted to discrimination. Read more The hairstyle saga began last month after Zinaida Agisheva, 15, returned to her gymnasium from her summer vacation sporting a dyed ...

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Melania Trump's plane forced to turn around after 'mechanical issue' fills cabin with smoke

First Lady Melania Trump’s plane has been forced to return to base after smoke filled the cabin and a burning smell was reported 10 minutes after its departure from Joint Andrews Air Force Base. First Lady's aircraft safely on the ground back at Andrews. No rush to get off the plane after smoke and burning smell detected. Problem developed about ...

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‘Complete confidence’: NASA astronaut praises Soyuz in 1st appearance after near-disaster

Astronaut Nick Hague, who was aboard the ill-fated Soyuz MS-10 last week, has praised the spacecraft’s designers and builders for the system that saved the crew’s lives when the rocket booster malfunctioned. “This has only helped to solidify my appreciation for how robust that system is,” Hague told reporters on Tuesday, in his first press appearance since last week’s abortive ...

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Trump insults ‘horseface’ Stormy Daniels after judge throws out lawsuit

After a federal judge tossed porn star Stormy Daniels’ defamation lawsuit against President Trump, the president took to Twitter to gloat, calling Daniels “horseface” and her case against him “a total con.” “‘Federal Judge throws out Stormy Danials [sic] lawsuit versus Trump. Trump is entitled to full legal fees,’” Trump tweeted on Tuesday, quoting Fox News. “Great, now I can ...

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Top wildlife official resigns after posing on hunt with dead baboons & giraffe (PHOTOS)

An intense backlash has prompted the resignation of Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner Blake Fischer after he was pictured posing with a family of dead baboons and a dead giraffe while on an African hunting trip. The state’s wildlife official is tasked with enforcing boating and hunting laws as well as managing animal populations. Fischer’s role as commissioner was brought ...

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Woman paralyzed after being ‘catapulted’ from bed during sex files lawsuit

A British woman is suing a furniture manufacturer after she sustained a serious spinal injury during sex which she believes was caused by a “defective” divan bed. Claire Busby’s injuries have left her paralyzed since the incident in August 2013. The Maidenhead resident told the High Court she received the spinal injuries while in the throes of passion. Read more ...

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