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Israel officially admits striking Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007

Published time: 21 Mar, 2018 03:25 Edited time: 21 Mar, 2018 03:33 Israel’s Defense Forces have shared details of an airstrike that destroyed a nuclear reactor under construction in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor back in 2007, for the first time officially acknowledging carrying out the secret operation. “For two years, officials in the Military Intelligence Directorate had been monitoring the Syrian ...

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Army General admits US does not track weapons used to bomb Yemeni civilians

US Army General Joseph Votel admitted that the US does not monitor how the weapons it supplies to Saudi Arabia are used in Yemen. Over 10,000 Yemeni civilians have died in the conflict since 2015. During a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) asked Votel, head of the US Central Command, whether Centcom ...

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US ‘outgunned & outmatched’ by Russia in Europe, admits top general seeking budget increase

US troops in the Baltic countries would be “outranged, outgunned and outmatched” by Russians in case of a conflict, the head of the US European Command told lawmakers, seeking to secure funds in the face of a Moscow “threat.” “If you look at it in a concentrated way on the border of Eastern Europe and only on the ground force, ...

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Pentagon admits zero evidence of E. Ghouta chem attack – but blames Russia all the same

The Pentagon admits it used NGO reports on alleged recent chemical attacks in Syria and cannot confirm if they even took place. The lack of evidence, however, did not get in the way of the latest Russia blame game galore. Russia was predictably the target of a barrage of accusations from the West after reports claimed that several people in ...

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‘You have to call it by name’: Merkel publicly admits ‘no-go areas’ in Germany

“No-go areas” do exist in Germany, Angela Merkel admitted in an interview, adding that the arrival of “so many refugees” in the country “has raised multiple questions.” Speaking with RTL, Merkel acknowledged that there are areas in Germany where people cannot feel safe. She also made it clear that it’s time for the authorities to do something in order to ...

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‘Serious’ Russian influence: Ex-UKIP leader Farage admits to Russian (vodka) connection

Nigel Farage opened up about his ‘liver-damaging links’ to Russia while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington on Friday, confessing that he has tossed back a few vodkas over the years. “I’ve never been to Russia. I’ve never been to Moscow. I’ve never met a Russian operative or agent. I’ve never done business in Russia. I’ve ...

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Dutch FM admits lying about Putin describing land-grab ambitions in 2006

Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra has admitted that he lied when he claimed to have heard President Vladimir Putin describing an ambition to unify Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states and Kazakhstan as a single country. Zijlstra claimed at a party conference in 2016 that he had overheard Putin outlining the grand plan for a “Greater Russia” in 2006 during ...

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Now, even the Financial Times admits America’s super-rich have more money than they can spend

You know an economic system is broken when even the Financial Times is upset about wealth distribution and the demise of the ‘American Dream.’ Now, growing inequality has prompted the paper to join the chorus calling for change. If any media outlet in the world is associated with a pro-capitalist agenda, it’s surely the FT. So, its chief US commentator’s ...

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Trump admits tweeting from bed to defend himself against ‘fake news’

US President Donald Trump confirmed he sometimes goes on his fiery social media rants while in bed or during meals, particularly when fighting off “fake news,” he told British journalist Piers Morgan. Divulging the background to his moody tirades that often take Twitter by storm, Trump confessed to he tweets “perhaps sometimes in bed, perhaps sometimes at breakfast or lunch ...

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Exclusive: UKIP leader admits he loves ex-girlfriend despite racist comments

UKIP leader Henry Bolton has admitted, exclusively to RT, that he is still in love with his former partner Jo Marney, despite the on-off couple facing a massive backlash over her racist comments. Bolton told Sam Delaney, host of RT’s talk show News Thing, that there are still “deep feelings there,” while denying the couple were still an item. “The ...

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