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Are US media outlets repentant about reporting on DNC emails alleged hacked by ‘the Russians’? No

US media outlets have few regrets about reporting on the shady practices of the DNC, Hillary Clinton’s private speeches, and other scoops revealed by emails allegedly leaked by Russian hackers, The Washington Post reports. Erik Wemple, The Washington Post’s media critic, decided to reach out to American news organizations after Neera Tanden, the president and CEO of the Soros-funded, Clinton-friendly ...

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Here’s what Facebook employees were saying about Holocaust denial … in 2009

Mark Zuckerberg has been in hot water this week thanks to comments he made during an interview with Kara Swisher about the kinds of content that should and shouldn’t be removed from the platform. Zuckerberg brought up Holocaust deniers as an example, saying he found them “deeply offensive,” then added, “But at the end of the day, I don’t believe that our ...

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Some MacBook Pro users complain about throttling issues

The new MacBook Pro has a thermal issue. YouTuber Dave Lee found out that the top-performing MacBook Pro can’t operate at full speed for a long time because it gets too hot. According to him, a video export in Adobe Premiere Pro is taking longer on a brand new MacBook Pro with an Intel Core i9 CPU than on a ...

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Roast until ready to apologize: Liberal actor faces ire for nice tweet about conservative pundit

Liberal actor Mark Duplass has been forced to apologise for a tweet praising conservative commentator Ben Shapiro as a “nice” person whose “intentions are good.” ‘The Mindy Project’ star directed his tweet to “fellow liberals” and advised them to follow Shapiro if they were interested in “crossing the aisle” and hearing opinions from those who disagree with them politically. Read ...

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Tech giants squirm and dodge when grilled about China & N. Korea ‘election meddling’ (VIDEO)

Silicon Valley representatives, who testified before the House on how to stop Russia from using online platforms to meddle in elections, had their feet put to fire when a Republican lawmaker questioned them about other players. Louie Gohmert, a representative for Texas, grilled officials from Facebook, Google and Twitter, who came to the US House on Tuesday to testify before ...

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Coincidence or conspiracy? Lights go out on Trump and Putin when talking about US intel agencies

When Trump was expressing his “full faith” in US intelligence agencies yesterday, the lights suddenly went out — and it’s not the first time a mention of the US intelligence agencies was followed by an unexpected blackout. At the exact moment Trump expressed confidence in US intelligence services, the lights in the room dimmed, causing the president to immediately react ...

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‘Knows nothing about treason’: Brennan called out for anti-Trump grandstanding

Ex-CIA chief John Brennan was among the first on Twitter to slam President Trump for his press conference performance with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but Brennan has a history of questionable political decisions himself. After the much-anticipated Helsinki summit on Monday, Presidents Trump and Putin faced the press. Trump declined to goad his Russian counterpart on allegations of election meddling, ...

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#Romanovs100 ends with VR animated music video ‘Lullaby’ about Tsarevich's dream (VIDEO)

Teaming up with Great Gonzo Studios and artist Denis Semyonov, #Romanovs100 created a VR animation (in Quill) as a tribute to the Romanov family and their staff, shot by Bolsheviks on the eve of July 17, 1918. For just over 6 months #Romanovs100 unveiled the daily lives of the Russian Imperial family through some 4,000 photos from their personal albums. ...

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‘Was he from Pussy Riot?’ Lavrov jokes about demonstrator removed from Trump-Putin press conference

Sergey Lavrov was quick to draw a comparison between Pussy Riot’s World Cup final pitch invasion and an even more bewildering incident that preceded the Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin press conference in Helsinki. Minutes before the two leaders were due to speak, footage circulated around the world of a man holding up an A4-sized placard that read “Nuclear test ban treaty” ...

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‘It’s okay, she’ll be 16 soon’: Dallas man charged after telling cop about 15yo ‘wife’

A Dallas man had a bizarre explanation for why he was with a 15-year-old girl after falling foul of the law for parking in a disabled parking space – the girl was his wife, he reportedly told police. READ MORE:Texas woman sentenced to 40yrs in prison for pimping out her 2yo daughter Jose Nahun Lopez-Cruz, 24, offered the confession after ...

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