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‘Hard as nails!’: Heroic 84yo Irish great-grandad fights off ‘shotgun-wielding’ raiders (VIDEOS)

A great-grandfather from rural Ireland is being hailed as a local hero after CCTV footage of him fighting off a gang of armed raiders bare-handed went viral. Denis O’Connor, 84, was relaxing in Bar One Racing bookmakers in Glanmire, in the south of Ireland, at approximately 6:30pm on Saturday, when a gang of three masked and armed men burst into ...

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Police kill suicidal 84yo veteran who faced losing home in support dogs dispute

An 84-year-old  veteran was shot dead after wielding a gun at officers in Florida. He was facing eviction from his apartment because of his two service dogs. Raymond Bishop threatened to kill himself on Monday in a telephone call so four police officers were called to Hidden Grove apartments in Homestead, Florida,  according to the Miami Herald.   Read more An ...

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84yo Korean War vet who sleeps with gun under pillow kills home intruder ‘with single shot’

Published time: 9 Dec, 2017 13:19 An 84-year-old Pennsylvania man turned out to be a challenge for burglars after he fought two intruders who broke into his house. The Korean War veteran, who sleeps with a loaded gun under his pillow, killed one of the attackers with a single shot. Don Lutz, who lives in Ellport borough some 50 km ...

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