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'Bomb North Korea' protest as leaders seek to defuse months of tension

South Korean activists have gathered for an anti-North protest with controversial banners, calling for their northern neighbors to be ‘bombed’ as Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in begin historic talks. “It’s time to bomb North Korea,” read a banner seen in the protest against the inter-Korean summit in Paju city, just south of the “truce village” of Panmunjom. ...

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'Bomb Iran & execute Snowden’: Brief history of Pompeo’s foreign policy rhetoric

Newly-installed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo doesn’t have a huge amount of experience as a diplomat so what can we expect from the former Kansas congressman now that he is heading US foreign policy? Pompeo landed the top job in the State Department on Tuesday after US President Donald Trump ousted Rex Tillerson. Here’s a flavor of his previous comments ...

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'Bomb on board’ Wi-Fi network prompts Turkish Airlines scare

Published time: 30 Nov, 2017 18:53 A Turkish Airlines flight en-route to Nairobi has had to make an emergency landing in Sudan after a bomb threat was reported onboard. The airline later said the name of a Wi-Fi network was behind the alarm. The threat was apparently received by a British passenger as the plane flew through Sudanese airspace before ...

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Three British businessmen questioned after 'bomb talk' grounds Easyjet plane

An allegedly suspicious conversation led to the London-bound easyJet Airbus being diverted to Cologne-Bonn airport in Germany.  All 151 passengers were evacuated down emergency chutes. Nine people suffered minor injuries.  Police searched the jet with sniffer dogs but no traces of explosives were found.  A rucksack belonging to one of the men was destroyed in a controlled explosion.  Police said ...

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China threatens to 'BOMB North Korea' if tyrant Kim Jong-un crosses THIS 'bottom line'

The Chinese military would react with force if Kim Jong-un’s nuclear activities adversely affected areas of China bordering the hermit nation, according to an editorial in a government-owned newspaper. The article in the Communist-party affiliated Global Times stressed the North’s nuclear facilities must not put northeastern regions of China in danger. The editorial said: “China has a bottom line that ...

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Hollywood on LOCKDOWN after 'bomb scare at subway station' weeks before Oscars

The Los Angeles County Sheriff bomb squad was called to investigate the scene at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland as the station was cleared, with several nearby streets shut down as part of the security measures. Nearby metro stations, as well as two nearby theatres were also evacuated as a result of the bomb scare. One Twitter user wrote: “So Hollywood ...

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