Steve Harvey Says Trump IS Keeping Promises … to Him, At Least (VIDEO)

Steve HarveyPrez Trump IS Keeping Promises …To Me, Anyway, BUT …

4/19/2017 12:40 AM PDT


Steve Harvey is giving President Trump a big thumbs-up … in only ONE area, and that’s about it.

We got Steve Tuesday in Bev Hills, and asked him to turn in a report card for Trump’s first 3 months. Remember, Steve caught a lot of flak from the African-American community for meeting with the new prez back in January.

Now, Steve says POTUS has been a man of his word, as far as their discussions about housing for the underprivileged. But his response when we asked, “So, you’re happy with what Trump’s doing?” — WAY different. 

Steve also had a good laugh over HUD Sec. Ben Carson’s recent mishap in a Miami elevator.

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