Snoop Dogg: My UFC Show Is Killin' It, I Love the Fight Biz!

Snoop Dogg: My UFC Show Is Killin’ It… I Love the Fight Biz!

7/26/2017 5:17 PM PDT


Think Snoop Dogg loves his new job as a UFC announcer? 

We got the rap legend seconds before he went on the air to shoot “Dana White‘s Tuesday Night Contender Series” … and he raved about how much fun he’s having calling fights with Urijah Faber.


Urijah says Snoop drinks gin and juice on set, smokes blunts and gets to watch great fights — it’s basically a dream gig. 

FYI, Snoop’s basically a UFC junkie — and tells us why Jones vs. Cormier at UFC 214 could be one of the best fights of all time.

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