Russia reveals fleet of 'INVISIBLE' supersonic stealth fighter jets as WW3 fears grow

The Sukhoi-57 will rival the American F-22 and Chinese Chengdu J-20 and Shenyang J-31 combat planes, the Kremlin has boasted.

Military officials claim “cutting-edge” stealth technology will make the £120million jet difficult to track on enemy radars. 

Russian air force chief Viktor Bondarev described the aircraft, which have a top speed of 1,615 mph, as a “wonderful machine”.

He said: “Every country probably wants planes such as this, and we have them.

“The decision has been taken, the plane has been christened. Su-57 is what we are going to call it now.”

The fifth-generation jet will carry K-77M missiles with a reported range of 125 miles, according to Newsweek.

Russia has previously claimed the jet will be cheaper to produce than its US equivalent, with units costing less than £120million.

However, the Su-57 has another year of testing before units enter military service in 2019.

The pre-production batch will consist of 12 aircraft, according to Yuri Slyusar, the CEO of the United Aircraft Corporation.

Last week it emerged a new Russian warship is being built in St Petersburg and will be handed over to the military in 2020.

The 8,500-ton Arctic multirole ship, dubbed the ‘Ivan Papanin’, is currently being built by the Admiralty Shipyard.

Shipyard chief Aleksandr Buzakov said: “We happen to have been specialising in building civilian ice-rated ships for the last 25 years.

“We laid down Ivan Papanin in April. The construction is fully underway and in 2019, we will launch it and then deliver it to the customer in 2020.”

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