Russia denies having compromising dirt on Donald Trump

The Kremlin has denied having compromising dirt on Donald Trump following a report alleging the President-elect was caught committing “perverted sexual acts” at a Moscow hotel.

A mouthpiece for Russian leader Vladimir Putin slammed the leaked dossier as “pulp fiction,” according to the state-owned TASS news agency.

“No, the Kremlin does not have compromising (intel) on Trump,” Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday from Moscow, responding to allegations that Russian intelligence gathered so-called “kompromat” on Trump.

He denied that Russia had compiled a file on former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, in addition to Trump.

The Putin spokesman slammed the CNN report as “an obvious attempt to harm our bilateral relations” with the United States ahead of Trump’s inauguration.

In the day since Buzzfeed published a damning document allegedly Trump paid Russian prostitutes to defile a bed at the Ritz-Carlton where the Obamas once slept, the Kremlin has rushed to real estate mogul’s defense.

Peskov mirrored Trump’s battle cry on Twitter that the report was “FAKE NEWS — A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!”

“You have to react to this with a certain humor, but there’s also a sad side to this,” Peskov said. “Hysteria is being whipped up to maintain a political witch hunt.”

U.S. intelligence officials warned Trump last week of classified documents citing unverified claims that Russia possessed incriminating information about him.  

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