Rachel Maddow says Roger Ailes offered her job to keep her off TV

Roger Ailes was so eager to get Rachel Maddow off the air that he allegedly would have paid her to stay home.

“He once told me that he wanted to hire me at Fox, and actually this was not that long ago. Within the last few years, he told me he wanted to hire me at Fox,” the MSNBC host said on “The Howard Stern Show” after asked if she would have considered working at Fox.

“And then, he told me he’d never put me on the air. He’d just hire me, so nobody else could put me on, and put me on ice. So I was like, ‘So you’d pay me a full contract to not work?’”

Ailes, who wrote a blurb for Maddow’s 2012 non-fiction book “Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power,” died last week after a fall at his Florida mansion eight days earlier.

MSNBC beats Fox News and CNN in ratings for the first time

The former Fox head resigned from the network in July, just a few weeks after anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. Similar accusations were told by other female employees, including Megyn Kelly.

While Maddow said she would consider Ailes’ offer, she obviously never took him up on it.

Last week, MSNBC won the primetime ratings race for the first time, led by Maddow’s show

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