Rachel Maddow ratings may be explosive after her Trump tax reveal

Rachel Maddow’s bombshell reveal of a portion of President Trump’s 2005 tax return could be the kind of ratings bonanza that the President liked to brag about back when he was a TV show host.

Except this time he probably won’t.

Preliminary ratings are expected Wednesday.

The explosive get, via investigative reporter David Cay Johnston, will add fuel to Maddow’s already surging audience.

Rachel Maddow claims to have President Trump’s 2005 tax returns

Last week Maddow beat Bill O

Last week Maddow beat Bill O’Reilly’s ratings.

(Chuck Burton/AP)

With just two documents in hand, Maddow sure dragged things out — an excruciating and blatant way of holding on to viewers. It also spoke to what she didn’t have — hundreds of other pages from Trump’s complicated taxes. 

She and Johnston are also expected to face new threats from Trump, a man who has made a side-hobby out of suing people.

Before the tax return surfaced Tuesday on Maddow’s show, her ratings had already swelled to an average of about 2.3 million viewers — more than double her audience at the same time last year. It was also her most-watched month since the show’s 2008 launch.

The MSNBC host told the Associated Press that she

The MSNBC host told the Associated Press that she’s “grateful” for her recent success.

“I’m grateful for it,” Maddow told the AP in a wide-ranging profile just this week. “It is nice for me that it is happening at a time when I feel we are doing some of our best work.”

President Trump to be interviewed by Fox News’ Jesse Watters

Last week, the MSNBC host even beat Fox News star Bill O’Reilly 623,600 viewers vs. 617,800 among the coveted younger viewers advertisers crave for the next most-watched, FNC’s O’Reilly Factor.

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