President Trump: Amazon should pay non-existent ‘internet taxes'

President Trump in one Wednesday tweet left it unclear if he understands how taxes, Amazon and the internet itself work.

Trump tweeted an attack on The Washington Post and Amazon — both owned by Seattle mogul Jeff Bezos — in which called for non-existent “internet taxes” on the online retail giant.

“The #AmazonWashingtonPost, sometimes referred to as the guardian of Amazon not paying internet taxes (which they should) is FAKE NEWS!” Trump wrote.

Trump has had a long-running public feud with the Post, which has produced some of the most aggressive reporting on his administration’s scandals. The Post on Tuesday published a story revealing Trump, who constantly rails against so-called “fake news,” keeps a fake Time magazine cover about him in his golf courses.

Despite Trump’s running resentment against The Post, his single tweets contained several errors about the paper’s ownership and finances.

Amazon does not own The Washington Post, as Trump alleged. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos owns the paper, and lets it run as an independent company.

There is no such thing as the “internet taxes” Trump said Amazon should pay. The retailer had long managed to evade state sales taxes, since it did not have a physical presence in most states, but as of April it pays sales taxes in all 45 states that have them.

Jeff Bezos owns Amazon and The Washington Post but keeps them separate.


There has also never been anything to suggest that the Post has played any part in helping Amazon dodge taxes or any other payments.

Further complicating things, Bezos was at the White House just last week to talk with Trump as part of a meeting for tech leaders. 

Bezos has spoken out against some of Trump’s signature policies especially his hard line on immigration visas, which would inevitably disrupt the workforce for Amazon and many other major tech companies. 

Amazon did not immediately comment.

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