Poland denies EU orders to allow Russian gas giants more access to vital European pipeline

Polish foreign minister Witold Wazxzykowski has taken a firm stance in denying Germany its most recent deal with the Russian oil conglomerate.

Speaking with the Russian media, Mr Waszxzykowski reaffirmed Poland’s stance in regards to the deal.

He said: “We have already initiated some sort of action and there are cases in the European Tribunals.”

The pipeline, which runs across Europe, has previously been out of reach of the Russian oil company.

On August 1 the European Commission lifted a suspension on Russian companies purchasing more of the pipeline’s limited capacity.

The ruling means that Gazprom could begin bulk-buying space, cutting out Czech and Polish oil interests.

The OPAL pipeline, which transports natural gas from across eastern Europe, has been a contentious issue between the Polish and Russian governments.

The pipeline transports vital natural gas from Eastern Europe across the length of Germany and into the rest of Europe.

Its capacity is limited, meaning that Germany and the EU have to be selective as to who gets portions of the lucrative system.

Polish state-run gas companies have repeatedly attempted to curb a potential Russian monopoly on natural gas in Europe.

Mr Waszczykowski added: “We will continue our policy, we will continue to pursue this policy in the international tribunals, in the European tribunals and the German tribunals.”

This comes despite sanctions placed on Russia after its annexation of the Ukraine.

The decision has been met with contempt by a number of eastern European countries who see it as Germany ignoring international sanctions against Russia.

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