PIC: $1.6 million supercar painted GOLD

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Alex Penfold / SWNS.com/Alex Penfold / SWNS.com

The supercar, which can race as fast as 252 mph, is registered in Saudi Arabia and sports a ‘1’ license plate.

Owning a $1.6 million supercar just wasn’t enough for this oil head.

No, the showoff with the keys to this Bugatti Veyron decided his ride also had to be painted an ostentatious black and GOLD.

The 252 mph convertible Grand Sport was seen parked up outside the Dorchester Hotel in London this week.

And, as just 150 of the model have been made, it’s been sending car spotters in the English capital into quite the frenzy.

Saudi-registered — and with a “1” license plate — it reportedly started off as a white Veyron but was sent to Dubai firm Foilacar for the bling makeover.

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