Nursery school teacher accused of sleeping with FOUR pupils

Heather Robertson, 38, reportedly had a threesome with a pair of them after inviting them to her home. 

The blonde allegedly told cops they never used condoms because she could no longer have kids. 

One of the high school boys said they hooked up after after he and Robertson started “chatting and sexting” on Snapchat. 

She asked him to come over to her flat for sex and said it was okay for him to bring a friend who was with him, he told police. 

The boys said Robertson was lying on the couch vaping before telling them to follow her to her bedroom. 

She then stripped before having sex with both pupils at the same time, police files say. 

The boys told investigators there were two other pupils who may have had sex with her. 

And they in turn told police they had sex with Robertson multiple times at her flat in Lufkin, Texas. 

She was said to have admitted picking up the boys and taking them home for nookie after she was arrested on Saturday. 

The first time was in late 2016, the last on April 14. 

Robertson said she had sex with one of the pupils four times and also owned up to a threesome with two of them, police papers say. 

She claimed she started drinking heavily recently and would sometimes forget the details of the encounters. 

She also said she told the boys, whose ages have not been revealed, not to tell anyone because she would get in to trouble. 

Robertson could be jailed for up to 20 years if convicted on charges of having an improper relationship with pupils. 

Hudson School District Superintendent Mary Ann Whiteker said Robertson resigned two days before her arrest. 

“We acted immediately and began our investigation,” she said. “We pursued with the correct protocol we have to follow. 

“I accepted the resignation, and it has been submitted through the appropriate legal channels. Our investigation has been finalised.”

Daily Express :: World Feed

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