Now Russians fear WORLD WAR THREE in latest poll amid deteriorating global tensions

The ‘index of fear’ developed by the sociologists from the state-run Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VCIOM) revealed the aspects of life that Russian citizens are most afraid of.

Although Mikhail Mamonov, the lead researcher, said general confidence in Russia has increased over the last year and the survey highlighted that major international conflicts has been a predominant cause of anxiety for the second year running.

Sociologists calculated the fear index as they asked 1600 Russians across six regions to rate the perceived probability of certain events or situations mentioned in the poll within a range of -100 (not likely) and 100 (very likely).

The threat of a major international conflict was valued at 14 points in comparison to 23 points last year. A fear of price increases came a close second with Russians giving the issue a rating of 10 points in comparison to 19 points last year.

Mr Mamonov said fear had decreased since 2016 because December 2016 was one of the “quietest months of the year”. The currency market was stable and “peace-loving” declarations between Russia and international countries were made during its final months.

Fears of criminal activity was Russian’s third cause of worry issue as the answer received a rating of -1 points. But family issues were the least of their concerns as it scored a lowly -50 points.

A similar poll was conducted by an independent Russian pollster Levada in November last year, which showed Russian’s wanted closer ties with the UK and the US.

The studies went on to show 71 per cent of the Russian public supported closer ties with its former foes, which was an increase of 21 per cent compared with a similar poll conducted in July last year.

The surprising results contradict rhetoric from Government ministers in London, Washington and Moscow, who have collectively warned of a fresh Cold War in the wake of the annexation of Crimea and fighting in Syria.

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