North Korea’s gloating elite swill beer and race cars – as country STARVES under sanctions

The hermit state has faced a raft of devastating United Nations sanctions introduced as punishment for and his ongoing nuclear missile tests.

And now more than 90 per cent of citizens have been left starving as Kim continues to try US patience – with many citizens barely getting by on their monthly wages of just two pounds.

But eye-opening new images shed light on the extravagant lives of the top ten per cent of earners – known as the Donju or masters of money.

Photos of the previously unseen demographic in the rogue communist state show the super wealthy crushing stereotypes of citizens in the secretive state.

Sporting designer clothes and swilling beer in expensive bars and restaurant, the new thriving community are an elite that the tyrannic regime seem to turn a blind eye to.

The super rich are seen parading around in expensive traditional clothes, and many scary the most expensive smartphones and drive the fastest supercars.

But in stark contrast to the rich kids of Pyongyang, much of North Korea’s citizens are literally dirt poor.


And it is thought around 40 percent of the population, about 24 million people, now live below the poverty line.

A recent study by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation found that 84 percent of households have “borderline or poor food consumption.”

While according to the World Food Program, one-third of children are stunted due to malnutrition and the infant mortality rate is a shocking 33 percent.

The situation is so bad, the country even has a “two meals a day” policy – which have caused food riots in the poorest regions.

Meanwhile the rotund dictator Kim Jong-Un continues to import boxes of his beloved Swiss cheese and crates of French red wine by the gallon.

Yesterday, it was revealed US doctors believe the , triggered by the steroid treatment he receives for gout – caused by his love of the imported goods.

Daily Express :: World Feed

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