Magic Johnson Sues … I Got Screwed In $850k Jewelry Deal (PHOTO)


0111_magic_johnson_the-borrowed-necklace_subFile Under: Extremely Rich People Problems!

Magic Johnson says he borrowed $ 850,000 in fancy jewelry for his wife for their big 25th wedding anniversary last year … only to get completely ripped off by the jeweler. 

It’s all part of a new lawsuit Johnson filed against Gina Amir Atelier … a Bev Hills jewelry business that Johnson refers to as a “thieves den.”

Long story short … Johnson says the store took a $ 250k deposit so he could use 2 pieces of jewelry — a gold and platinum ring covered in diamonds and a HUGE platinum necklace with 101 white diamonds. 


Johnson says his wife, Cookie, wore the stuff and brought it back unharmed a week later — but the store never returned his $ 250k deposit.

He claims the jewelers “conspired to defraud” him all along and says they used him as a “personal ATM.” He’s suing to get back his $ 250k.

Attempts to reach Gina for comment were unsuccessful.

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